Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hey I found the truck I want - let's go get it.

So DHS shows up with seven vehicles, takes the homeowner's Range Rover Defender.  This is absurd on so many levels. 

They claim there's a problem with the VIN numbers.   Okay - since when does  a mismatch VIN become a Homeland Security Issue?    The local cops?  Sure.  The State Patrol? Okay - the FEDS?  not.   

My bet - some DHS asshat wanted a Defender and found one, figures he'll get it at auction cheap.

Science is DEAD, long live Politics

The trend continues, any scientist who disagrees with the political agenda get's silenced.  Borepatch has some info on one of the more recent assaults on science.   If you sometimes wonder about Climate Science - just keep following the links on his site.   You will rapidly come to the conclusion that there is something going on - but it's NOT SCIENCE.

From Joanne Nova -

Want some more - go check out You Tube.  First look at the TED channel, there are some very interesting talks - there's also a LOT of social engineering going on - no big surprise, most of them are believers in the Leftist Agenda.

 Now search for Banned from TED talks.   Yeah there's quite a few of them, if you listen to them you'll find that they mostly talk about things that are counter to the Leftist Agenda.

One I can't quite figure out is this one - Look at my previous post - it's basically a Rich Guy saying we need to Tax Rich Guys.  Well that fits with the Leftist agenda - except that they KNOW they're not going to do it, because THEY don't pay taxes.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Rich People Don't Understand

I'm going to assume it's a lack of understanding, because I find it difficult to fathom what other possible reason the rich could have to recommend taxing the rich.

This TED talk is a good example.   Everything he says sounds really good.  In some respects, he is correct - the rich don't create jobs, that's done mostly by small business and the middle class.  Where they always go WRONG and I mean Horribly WRONG is in two areas.

First - It's not the Rich spending - it's their access to CAPITAL that makes job creation possible. It's making capital available to entrepreneurs that makes jobs.

The second is that Transferring that capital to the government in ANY form will change anything.  It won't. Government creates jobs, but those jobs are fed by taxes of the middle class,  all that happens when government creates jobs is and increased tax burden.    What about all those government employee's paying taxes?   - They're paying it with YOUR tax money.   They PRODUCE nothing.  Can they increase private sector spending in the short run - Yes, but with out adding anything to the GDP there is NO growth.  Ultimately you simply increase the tax burden and put it on even fewer people.    That's what's been happing for the last 20 years - see the big improvement?  No?  Surprise!

If the rich really want to give away their money out of guilt and have it do some good - create interest free small business loans  - not big business, SMALL business.  Big business has access to capital they always have and until things collapse they always will.   It's small business that's being strangled by taxation and regulation - as is the middle class.   Stop taxing the crap out of us to buy votes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Last Generation

Parents and teachers will be the death of the country, but before that happens I figured out how you can all get rich.   Invest in Bubbles.  Mexican's aren't stupid they're not going to send their army up to start the Reconquista, no need.  They come, they take over all those dirty jobs no one want's their kids doing.  They learn to become the perfect helicopter nannies, now mom can stop hovering and go back to work - awesome.   I figure two more generations of public school and helicopter moms should about do it.  The entire generation will grow up in bubbles. The Mexicans will be there, waiting patently for the senile old assholes to need spoon feeding, then Boom!  "Sign the deed bubble boy, then you get fed."  Poof - they own the country.   

Monday, July 28, 2014

LibProg doing that Cannibal Thing

For some reason - I suspect it's the total lack of ability to process logic, accept facts, and the absolute assumption of moral superiority - the LibProgs just love to turn on each other and eat their own.

Trans-gender is a big LibProg issue, must respect the rights of Trans-genders, must Celebrate Trans-genders - hell why aren't YOU a trans-gender, you hater.

Unless apparently you're a  radFem (or Feminazi) which I think is probably the better term.

So this article brings up some of the conflict between radFem and TransGen.

Nope can't have those whiney TransGen assholes trying to muscle in on our Misandry - no, it's ours we Earned It.  

So apparently if you trans from Fem to Patriarchy you're a traitor, and if you Trans from Patriarchy to Fem, you just an upstart late comer bitch muscling in on their Victimhood.

Oh so very logical.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chalk full of Irony

The People's Cube has some awesome irony - but this recent post is awesome, go check out the rest.


There was a period in WA history that we talked about the Californification of Washington.  You don't here much about that anymore - I think we've been overrun.  I'm starting to wonder if there are more native Californians here than native Washingtonians.

Reading the news - Okay, I don't read the news I read select websites - one of which is Lawrence Person's Battleswarm.  He often talks about how many businesses are moving from CA to Texas.  He talks about this in terms of how bad CA is for business (which it is) and how much better TX is - which it is.   Sadly - I think they're gonna regret the Californification of Texas - Just look at Austin.

It does tend to show the rather hypocritical nature of libprogs,  they've screwed up CA now they're moving to Texas - a state, who say five years ago would have been considered a Conservative gun toting Hell on Earth.   Apparently Gun Toting Conservative is better than Ruined LibProg - even in a LibProg's mind.