Monday, January 9, 2017

Hollywood Award Shows

Never again. 





Well, it seems that the trend started at the Oscars so long ago will continue until no one watches as Hollywood pats themselves on the back for raking in the big bucks and paying themselves millions.  I don't begrudge them the money - they earned it after a fashion.  They create products, and we pay to consume them.  If the products were no good, we wouldn't pay, and they would be poor. Or, more likely, just gone.

But even today they occasionally remember that their job is Entertainment. Sadly they're not paid to remember it occasionally; I think the Ghostbusters remake proved that point. No one liked being lectured to when they were growing up. We didn't much like in school, and we sure as hell don't want to pay for it in the theater where there is always some moron who feels the need to use his cell phone during the movie. Ok, getting off topic... Entertainment should, shock of shocks, be entertaining.  If you're preaching at us, particularly if you're preaching something we don't believe in, we're not going to be entertained.

The only thing entertaining about their self-congratulatory awards shows is learning which movies won - it's a competition thing.  Even if we don't' follow a sport, we like to know who won. Get up, say thanks and go sit down.  If you have a funny anecdote about the filming, fine; feel free to share. But, I don't care nearly enough to sit through hours of self-righteous sermonizing about how I'm a bad person because I don't agree with the celebrity cause du jour. I don't mind jokes but it's rather one sided and dull as hell if they are all at the expense of one person.  

I didn't watch the Golden Globes for just that reason, but it's difficult to miss the aftermath, or the play by play if you're online.  For the next awards ceremony that going to tell me which was the best waste of two hours of my life, I'll be home reading a book.  I'm not going to be online. I'm going to do my damnedest to avoid it all togeather.  I'm already pissed enough at myself for waiting the time to write two posts and a dozen tweets about it.  That's four or five hours of my life that are just gone for no good reason.

Supressor Information

This data is subject to change as I either do my own testing or I find errors and or better sources of data. This was compiled to allow me to answer questions about reports that silencers may become more available under the Trump administration.

For measurements I've done - I use dBA (the A-weighted values give more accurate readings for impulse sounds - based on my current understanding.  If you happen to have better information let me know)

Facts about Suppressors (AKA Silencers)
Tax stamp. $200
Threaded barrel $120-400
Suppressor $500-1500 avg of units surveyed $850
Sights (if you want to be able to aim) $50-250
Adds 5-12 inches to length - there are a few shorter and longer.
Add 11-16 oz to weight

Note that I haven't looked into wet suppressors as I have no personal interest in them - I may add that data later.

Keep in mind a typical polymer pistol weights in at 25oz unloaded, you will be adding significant weight at the far end of the barrel.

Reduces noise by about 32bBA on average. 22-35db depending on mfg and caliber.
Final noise level 110-135 dBA. That's more than twice and as much as three times louder than slamming a hard bound book on my coffee table. We perceive loudness as having doubled with every 10dB.  ( test case:  wood table, 670 page hard bound book loudest hit was 98db from 2 feet)

What's that mean - A suppressed 9mm is twice as loud as a lawnmower or gas powered blower.

An unsuppressed firearm can rupture eardrums - and is louder than a Jet on takeoff from 25meters. 

Small caliber - .22LR might only be 135dBA while most pistols used for self defense produce over 155dBA and Rifles around 165dBA. 

For a typical polymer pistol like the Glock you will spend $1,260 to add a suppressor to your existing gun.

My 1911 it's closer to $1,600 or $1,700 some of that is the sights, most of it is getting a match barrel cut, threaded, crowned and fitted to my slide.

Buying the gun too? Add $500 for a Glock or $1,400 for my 1911

Background check & processing currently Takes about 8-9 months to get the paperwork back.

If you think that your typical criminal is going to do that you need to change your medication.

The Straw Man Knocked down and set on fire

additional Info:

Suppressors may be used on multiple firearms - depends on caliber and barrel threading.   For example, a suppressor for a .45 ACP can be used on a .40 S&W or 9mm.  A suppressor for a .308/7.62 will work on a .223/5.56  They may be somewhat less effective - I'll try to get more data on this as it is an important economic issue to purchasers.

Suppressors (aka silencers) have NEVER been illegal at the federal level.  That is a state issue.  Currently they are legal in the following states: AL, AR, AK, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MI, MO, MS, MT, ND, NE, NV, NH, NM, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WV and WY.

They may be legal in CA and IA with a valid FFL (but don’t count on it)


I wasn't going to do this - but for the love of God.  Twitter, and now all the media are flapping about Meryl Streep and her fabulous speech at the golden globes.

"It was typical: We're so enlightened, and you all are so stupid and vile.  I thought her opening was particularly funny. 
"Thank you, Hollywood Foreign Press. Just to pick up on what Hugh Laurie said: You and all of us in this room really belong to the most vilified segments in American society right now. Think about it: Hollywood, foreigners and the press."

Most vilified - Hollywood and foreigners and the press.  Vilified by whom?    Only recently has the non-leftist contingent vilified Hollywood - mostly for those condescending videos - they should be vilified, they were urging the electorate to abandon their duty to the voters. They were telling people that to be decent they need to vote the correct way.

And Foreigners - by which she means criminals - people here illegally I presume.  I don't remember anyone saying anything nasty about legal immigrants. Nobody really cares about legal immigrants, so it has to be the illegal aliens - not that she would ever call them that.

Ah, and the press who she extolled...

"We need the principled press to hold power to account, to call him on the carpet for every outrage. That’s why our founders enshrined the press and its freedoms in the Constitution."
Yes, we do need that - but we're not going to get it.  I mean...
Seriously?   I can't remember a single complaint out of Hollywood about the press failing to hold Obama to account.  Anyone?  Well maybe from Nick Searcy, Adam Baldwin, and James Woods. But the rest of them? Nary a peep.

And the Constitution - isn't  it that old outdated document that we're supposed to forget about or reinterpret or something? 

The total lack of self-awareness is mindboggling.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

NYT Lies again

I could probably do a post a day about the lies told by the New York Times, but it's just too frustrating. I think it would a remarkable achievement if they managed to produce a single issue with no blatant lies or obvious misrepresentations. 

Reason Magazine did a nice takedown of an article by Susan Dynarski, a professor of education, public policy, and economics at the University of Michigan.

If this woman is actually a professor of Economics then the University of Michigan is more screwed up than I thought - and that would be difficult to accomplish.  No only does she purposely slant the results of the survey she used - but she failed to use the most recent survey.

I went and searched IGM's website for the survey to see what other information was available - sure enough, the first thing to pop up was a newer survey from 2012 that has a different result - even more in favor of vouchers. It also expresses a concern - a valid concern.  Although I think it's one that can be addressed. I also don't believe that most parents care enough about thier childs education to make the choice to go with vouchers.  I base this somewhat depressing opinion on the current lack of parent participation in public schools and they way they've allowed public schools to come completely off the rails.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Politcally Correct Bigoteers

The most obvious thing about progressives - or the Regressive Left - is that they are bigots - bigoteers* in fact.  They start by separating everyone into groups based on color, sexual orientation, and occasionally religious affiliation (although only with Jews and Muslims).   Once the groups are defined they proceed to label any members of those groups who do not fit the progressive stereotype as heretics and proceed to hurl racial and sexual epithets at them.

Once they've put the heretics in place - they proceed to organize the groups into a hierarchy of victimhood - based primarily on which group will give them the most to scream and rant about.

It's fairly easy to see what progressives think of themselves by what they project onto others.  They are nothing more than every vile thing they accuse everyone else of being. Women who refused to fall into line with the feminist agenda are misogynists, blacks who fail the litmus test of "blackness" are puppets, tools, or have internalized racism.  Progressives are in fact world class Bigots. 

When progressives speak about your words being violence - to them it is violence, you are attacking their whole identity, you are in a word invalidating their entire existence.

I believe this will come down to an armed conflict before we're done - everything you see is an echo of Bolshevik revolution - the rage, the politics, the unwillingness to recognize reality where it deviates from their ideology.  They are well past the point where they can tolerate reality destroying everything they've built their lives around.

*Bigoteer is a term I'm trying out as a replacement for Social Justice Warrior - there is a problem with SJW even though it's used as a derogative, people who lack experience with the term and have not been attacked by the PC fascists fail to see what's wrong with Social Justice.  I think the term Bigoteer was first coined by Tim Ferriss, I know my first exposure to the term was watching the Rubin Report interview with Tim.  I happen to agree - the SJW term is too positive to fit with the bigoted fascism that is the Regressive Left. 

John Kerry - Antisemite

John Kerry - Antisemitism Incarnate

As the self anointed Political Elite shatters against the shards of their broken bubble, the deep seated evil that lurks inside each and every one of the Regressive Left is showing.

I wasn't sure Obama was a racist until now - oh I knew he hated America and Western Culture - the Country and Culture that gave him everything he has.  I new he wanted to destroy America, and I thought that was enough to explain his constant eight years of race-baiting. But he has shown his most vile self these last weeks of his administration with his attack on Israel.

Kerry, one of the many Regressive operatives in the administration never struck me as anything other than an incompetent tool - be he too is a world class racist - if that's the right word.  I'm never quite sure whether Jews are considered, or I suppose more importantly consider themselves as a separate race - but the idea seems common enough. So - Kerry is a racist. There is no other way to describe that horror of a speech.  Even the most fringe elements of the Alt-Right can't compete. 

If I had to chose between this evil multicultural, global, totalitarian state build on the hatred of identity politics or the White Nationalist of the right end of the Alt-Right - well that's easy. The Alt-Right isn't proposing genocide (aside from a few unstable nut jobs). But the entire Regressive Left sure seems to be.

The Political Establishment Have Lost Their Minds

The left has been in temper tantrum mode since the election. They're incapable of self-reflection.  They're completely lacking any sign of self awareness.  Constant predictions of the end of the world - which may very well happen but in my view is less likely with Trump than Hillary - abound.

And now at least one Republican in congress has taken the final step - so overwhelmed by their loss of the office of President to an outsider, they want to nuke the world. Sure he's talking about massive sanctions - how do you suppose Putin will handle that - like Obama - draw an imaginary red line?  Lecture us? Wag is finger at us?   No.  But that's what this idiot is thinking - Putin wouldn't dare.  I think he would dare - I suspect he believes we lack the conviction to actually carry through.

Wait you say - he's only talking about Russia.  Yeah, just Russia. The Russians have no chance in hell of winning a conventional war with the US - Russia and China combined have no chance of winning that war.

As of 2014 Russia had 845,730 tons afloat, China only 708,086. The United States has 3,415,893 tons. Granted Russia has more actual vessels but in the age of air superiority that's hardly an advantage. If you start adding in our allies the difference grows pretty quickly.

So what about that Air Superiority?  The US has 3,318 combat aircraft including the most advance aircraft flying. Russia - 1,900 and China 1,500.

Lacking the ability to win a conventional war Russia is left with the Last Possible Option as the ONLY option - nuclear war.   And guess what?

NOBODY wins that one.

Edit - 12-30-2016
Well, Putin seems to be less of a hot head than I thought - his response was basically - yeah what ever, looking forward to Trump.

I suppose that makes sense given the sanctions were not nearly as bad as the hype made them out to be.  And they'll only be in effect for about 30 days.  These morons just make me so angry - 30 days left and they have to insult and provoke as many people they don't like as they can manage.  These actions are just petty sabotage because they lost.