Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Redefining Sexism

Well based on this article (hat tip to Borepatch) I have a whole new appreciation of the definition of Sexism.  Apparently sexism is something done by White Men.  No other group is capable of committing Sexism.   The exception to that rule  (and every rule needs an exception or it isn't really a rule) is the gelded white male progressive.  Because they only parrot what they're told to parrot by people who know better.

So it's good to know that it's only sexist if a while male - non-progressive says it.   Otherwise - all good.

Or perhaps?

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
When someone starts talking about compensation for size of genitalia I always get a bit suspicious.  You see when I used to drive the Subaru (and may again as I'm considering dumping the Jeep and going back to Subaru) I obviously had enough penis to function as a normal person but when I drove the Porsche Boxster, apparently I didn't, yet the size never changed (no not like that!).  So if all men (well white ones anyway) who drive expensive sports cars are compensating, but one's who drive the well loved Subaru Outback aren't and I do both, then something in Denmark seems to be rotten.    So, when someone starts talking about compensating for a little penis, I have to wonder; who really has the small one?  When women do it, the answer is obvious, but when guys do it - you just gotta wonder.

Then there's my other theory - male progressives have all been mentally castrated - women progressives seem to have an incentive (the government daddy for their children) so...

Just a thought.

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