Thursday, July 24, 2014

More States, better representation?

This article references a current attempt to split up California.   There has been a State of Jefferson movement for years, I’ve heard of plans for three states, this is the first I’ve heard of six.  

There is I think a need to re-evaluate the boundaries of several states as populations centralized in to fewer bigger cities.  Cities tend for a number of reasons to head down the path of Socialism - it never works, but they keep trying.  I’ve felt for a while now that Splitting eastern and western Washington, and Oregon would be beneficial to some extent.  The downsides need to be examined in some considerable detail before that happens.  As things stand, in WA there are seven counties around Puget Sound that control the fate of 39.  To say that most of counties outside the Puget area are getting represented by their government is either terribly ignorant or disingenuous.  California is much worse.   

While I don’t think the split will succeed - it might, things are bad -business are moving out as fast as they can, looking for tax relief and slightly less insane regulatory restrictions.  

You can tell that the plan was developed by a Silicon Vally type, they’ve taken the most expensive, and most financially powerful section of the state and spit it off on it’s own.   The upside, is that they will get to pay for their own social engineering experiments.  Sadly, it leaves one city to wag each state, except Jefferson, and wag them they will.  Bakersfield/Fresno are similar enough that they’ll act in concert, it’s possible that they’re small enough still to realize they’re only there because of the surrounding agriculture. Sadly, they’re going to be in a financial tight spot, yes, they can dump all of the Socialist crap, but they’re going to have a fight on their hands with illegal aliens. 

Jefferson would have opportunity to become the free state that a lot of people dream about.  They’ll have a hard start but with the right laws and tax structure, I could see a lot of companies moving in that direction.  They’ll just need to be careful about which they allow in. 

Ultimately, they may end up with more conservative (red) states than they think.  

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