Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Last Generation

Parents and teachers will be the death of the country, but before that happens I figured out how you can all get rich.   Invest in Bubbles.  Mexican's aren't stupid they're not going to send their army up to start the Reconquista, no need.  They come, they take over all those dirty jobs no one want's their kids doing.  They learn to become the perfect helicopter nannies, now mom can stop hovering and go back to work - awesome.   I figure two more generations of public school and helicopter moms should about do it.  The entire generation will grow up in bubbles. The Mexicans will be there, waiting patently for the senile old assholes to need spoon feeding, then Boom!  "Sign the deed bubble boy, then you get fed."  Poof - they own the country.  

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