Sunday, July 22, 2012

A proposal for a new LAW

In the wake of the Aurora shooting I think we may in fact need a new law.

I am positive it will be more effective than what the usual suspects are proposing.

For any case considered mass murder, or any shooting involving more than 3 victims, the name and photo of any suspects shall not be published by any media outlet, or allowed to be posted on the internet. Trials for suspects will be closed, and information available only on a need to know basis.   For those convicted, they will be removed from society with no trace left behind.

OK Sure lots of people want to know who the Evil Piece of Shit (EPS) is/was - but that's just morbid curiosity.  Don't indulge it.  Let's not make them famous.  Instead let's remember the victims, and their families, punish the EPS, and wipe him from existence.   Destroy their birth records, the school records, their medical records - leave no trace.    No 15 Minutes of Fame for you, you EPS.

Still need to figure out the checks and balances - don't want to make it too easy to railroad someone and if there is no media to bitch (well they don't typically bitch about the right things anyway but maybe, someday...) it might be too easy.    Maybe just refer to them in the media as Suspect#1 or Convict#1 until they're officially gone (dead).

This is one of the few types of cases where I'm really in favor of the death penalty. 

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