Sunday, July 22, 2012

If you have some connection...

Since I won't mention the name of the Evil Piece of Shit that murdered all those people - I will simply refer to him as EPS.   (warning - links take you to places that mention EPS by name, which I think is a big mistake... but there you go.)

If you have some connection to the Tea Party then you may be a mass murder - at least if you think like George Stephanopoulos and Brian Ross

Wow, OK let's follow that logic for a minute:
He was living in Colorado - so if you live in Colorado you might be a mass murderer.
He was male - so if you're Male, you might be a mass murderer.
He died his hair - so If you die your hair - you might be a mass murderer.
Brilliant.   Well it's to be expected from the left where there is no individual thought or action because "we are all of the hive".     

Then we have this bit of idoicy from the NYT where Roger Ebert says:
Those like *EPS*, who feel the need to arm themselves, may also feel a deep, inchoate insecurity and a need for validation.

Great - so if you carry - you may be just like EPS.   Brilliant Logic there Roger,  And of course he calls for more gun control.  

We tried Prohibition on alcohol and we got, let's see... More Alcohol, Higher Prices and oh yeah, CRIME - lots of Organized CRIME.

We have Prohibition on Drugs and we get - let's see...    Drugs, Crime, Organized Crime and even a WAR on drugs that sucks tax payers money - OH, and let's not forget we also get Fast & Furious.

Yeah that's obviously the better way to go.  

Bite me Roger.

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