Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Almost really funny

I normally think of Bill Maher as a progressive blithering idiot - and I'm not being redundant with that statement.   Every once in a while he surprises me and says something I agree with.

His stance on Israel and Hamas.  Excellent. - except the claim that most scientists are atheists - Only atheists believe that (which I find kinda of funny) sure some are, perhaps even the majority (although the numbers I've seen suggest it's closer to half and I'm not sure I trust even those)  Ultimately Religion is a Personal Issue, Science is not, I really don't care if they believe one way or another. I do object to atheists pushing their beliefs on the world as if they were facts - as in - Okay Mr. Atheist, PROVE there is no God - good luck with that - lack of proof does not prove anything.

I agree with his stance on the militarization of the police (Hat tip - Earth Bound Misfit via Borepatch)

Right up to the part where he goes off on Conservatives and the Tea Party - Dude, We're the ONLY people who have been making a point about this - this is the FIRST time I've heard any progressive even mention it.  Just show's he HATES conservatives and will accusing them of not doing things they do, or doing things they don't - with no evidence, and his idiot audience will believe it. 

On the other hand - I'm happy as hell a Progressive FINALLY said something about it in a public forum.  He has a lot of fans so maybe the'll get a friggin half a clue (I have no illusions about them finding a whole clue). 

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