Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trick questions.

Taryn over at Glamor the single life (h/t Maggie's Farm) Has a video about things girls say to test guys.   She then proceeds to tell men how they should respond. Unsurprisingly, every response is a guarantee that this behavior will continue.  So, I recommend you start immediate NEGATIVE reinforcement.  Put and end to this self sabotaging behavior.

She says: Seriously you don't have to get me anything.  
Correct response:  Fantastic! I was saving up, but now I can get the latest Call of Duty!

She says: So... Do you notice anything different about me?
Correct response:  Yes, you have less money because you spent it trying trying to make yourself feel better.

She says:  Do you think she's pretty?
Correct response:  Hell yes!  Thanks for pointing her out, you just made my day!

She says: Do I look fat in these jeans?
Correct response:  I'm not sure take them off so I have a reference point.

She says: Are you listening to me?
Correct response: ......... silence ......    - unless, you actually were listening, in which case:
Correct response: Not any more.

Girls... here's a thought - try saying what you actually mean, and don't ask questions when you either:
A. Know the answer already.
B. Don't want an answer.

EQUALITY  that's my motto.

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