Sunday, August 10, 2014

Geek Alert

I'm a bit of a GPS junky, I'm a huge music junky, and I hate phones - yeah that's weird.

So I get this info from my brother about a new heads up Navigation toy that links to your car and your smart phone.   - This is COOL.   And the security dude in me is screaming - Right - nothing could possibly go wrong with this - you've just tied your car's computer into a WiFi and BlueTooth, link between your phone and your car - that's secure... or not.....

I might get one but I'll be bugging Navdy about security if I pre-order, I don't want instructions going to the ODB-II connector with out some assurances.  I don't think there's a lot you can hijack on my slightly older cars - no microphones, no cameras, no auto parking assist or breaking assist.  Doesn't mean it might not trigger the ABS system.  Wonder if you could trigger the Air Bags... - that's scary.   More research.....

Anyway - it doesn't hurt to look -it's a bit of a car nerds toy.  What would be better would be to build this crap into the cars - starting from the Security and working up.

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