Thursday, August 7, 2014

Israeli Agression

Israeli agression.   I'm hearing that term a lot.  It would seem that the left is in dire need of a dictionary.

Self Defense, is NOT aggression - it's response to aggression.   How do you know which is which.   The side that uses force first - is the aggressor.   I don't care if they're smaller, or not as well armed, or if they're losing - they're still the aggressor.  In this case that aggressor would be Hamas.

You'd think it takes a friggin Phd to figure this out but... Oh wait - these morons all have Phd's

Come to think of it - so do most of the liberal academia professors who are vocally anti-semeitc.  Hmm  Makes you think maybe more education just makes you less capable of logic - then again, with the left being so happy about common core - I suppose it must.

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