Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Open Borders

From a libertarian viewpoint I'd like to have open borders - the problem is, I don't live in a libertarian nation.  For open borders to work, we'd need a few things we currently lack, and we'd have to get rid of a few things we have.

First we'd have to do away with all the welfare and other entitlement programs. As people entered the country  they'd need to sign a contract, they'd have five years to learn basic english, file their taxes (of which there would be fewer - for everyone), and not get into trouble.   Not getting into trouble would be easer because we'd get rid of a significant number of laws and regulations.   So, no driving under the influence, no contract violations, no criminal convictions.  End of the five years - you get to take the test for citizenship.  If you pass then you get a green card, and you can now vote.  I don't much care where you came from, although I'd be fairly watchful of folks from countries that are known to support terrorists.

We'd need to have open borders and open trade in a lot of other countries too - if we're the only one, then we're going to have a problem.  We're going to have a huge crime problem as long as there's a minimum wage because there will be a huge unemployment problem, and starving people tend to resort to crime when no other option exists.   If everyone had open borders then people would be able to move freely (although perhaps not cheaply) to where ever the jobs were.   - Yeah we'll we know that's not going to happen.   Did you know that even cheerful little New Zealand has MUCH stricter immigration rules than we do?   Yep.  I can't immigrate to New Zealand if I wanted to, even with two degrees, and no criminal record.   Tool old, yeah age discrimination (and for a very logical reason).  Now if I win the lottery, I might pull it off - and I might add to my education to fit one of their strongly desired skills, but even then I might be too old.  Why?  National healthcare, the last thing they need is a bunch of retired folks coming down and plugging up their healthcare system, having never paid into it.

If you have children - they do not become citizens until you do, or until they can pass the test by themselves.   Then again I wouldn't let children of existing citizens vote until they could pass the test either.   If you can't read english (or brail), then you're not going to qualify for citizen - sorry.  Yeah, I know that seem harsh and possibly somthing-ist.   Here's the thing, we got into the trouble we have because we let a lot of stupid people vote.

You'll notice that I don't mention education in there?  That's because if you want that you'll need to pay for it.   (I'm already getting a headache from the whiners...) The idea a "free education" is a myth.  We're simply spreading the cost of it across a lot of people.   You're kids, will be eligible for vouchers once you pass the exam and get your citizenship.  How's that for incentive?    I'm not convinced we should even have "free" education - although there is a significant argument for the pro side.   Even though I don't have kids, I can see how I benefit from their education (well not the ones they're getting now, but the kind they used to get) that I don't find the tax burden unreasonable, although I'm fairly certain that anyone over the age of 65 has paid enough and should be exempt (no I'm not 65 yet , or even 60).

The point here is that my desire to see the borders locked up has more to do with economics than race, more to do with politics than race.

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