Sunday, August 10, 2014

The changing face of shopping - and employment

Bayou Renaissance Man: The changing face of shopping - and employment

I always appreciate Peter's views, well thought out.

I would suggest that if the trend in shopping is rapidly heading toward on-line.  For jobs I would look to the delivery service - UPS, FedX and others.  I know most of my Amazon purchases come either US Mail or UPS - although there are long stretches were everything comes FedX.   Most likely determined by the current contract that Amazon can negotiate.

If I had more faith in the Stock Speculation Market, i would think UPS and FedX would be good bets.  UPS PE ration is not stupidly out of line although it was - yes, I know, no one pays any attention to PE Ratios anymore if they did UPS would never have hit a PE of 97 back in 2qtr of 2013.

Jobs will also be available stuffing junk in boxes at the fulfillment centers, most will be low paying, and probably part time to avoid adding benefit costs to shipping.    Perhaps a better job would to be soliciting money for reviews on Amazon - that happens I suspect more often that anyone thinks - but that's just my cynical self coming to the fore.   The big advantage to reviews for money would be working at home, and since you only need a computer and a net connection - which you'll need anyway to do all your shopping, there is really no overhead - although you can write off your computer, net connection, and office space.    To be fair - purchasing Verified Purchase reviews is perhaps only a little disingenuous - but way more effective.

If indeed the Rich are getting Richer, then it will pay to provide them with Services.   Sadly this usually requires operating in a city, or in one of the exclusive high priced real-estate zip codes.  

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