Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Next you'll be able to elect your doctor.

Elitist(TM) "Let us decide. We're smarter than you."

Not sufficiently happy with with Obamacare train wreck, apparently congress is pushing Doc-Fix a bill that will allow them to use your doctor as a puppet.   Well, in reality - they'll pass it off to a bunch of bureaucratic idiots with College Degrees(TM) in Worthless.  And since the IRS is now running healthcare, you can get audited at the same time you go in for your colonoscopy.  I mean if you're going to get reamed by the government, why not just get it over and done with.

Because any collage degree makes you wise and raises your IQ and since you were smart enough to work for the government - you obviously know better than any Doctor of Medicine, who doesn't work for the State.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Totally Destroyed Student?

I think some peoples definition of totally destroyed and mine must be different.  What I find amazing is that someone thought writing a letter like that was a good idea.  I think the professor was a lot kinder than I would have been.   I'm sure it never occurred to the student or the moron who suggested they write the letter -but perhaps if the student had been paying attention and needed a little boost in grade he might have asked the professor if he could redo some of the work, or do something for extra credit to get over the hump.  Yeah doing extra work - yikes that's just not right.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Educational Chicken or Egg

I've been thinking about our rather sad educational system, again.  It happens every time I read an article about it.   Maybe it's the sites I choose, but I never see a article that says good things about the system - just that it's broken.   Broken in so many ways it hard to decide which part is more screwed up.

Is it the feminization - which seems to be primarily responsible for the over diagnosis of ADHD in boys and getting them drugged - all so that they'll be more manageable in the female collective.

Is it the quality of the teachers - most of whom score in the lower percentages of college rankings?

Is it the bloat of school administration?

Is it the progressive / communist influence of political correctness and Zero Tolerance for anything except failure.   Zero Tolerance which resulted in a boy being expelled because he pretended to shoot an arrow? (no bow, no arrow - just pretending)  Or wore an NRA tee-shirt? or....  yeah there are a ton of examples.  It's become almost a daily thing.

Is it the relatively low pay of teachers?   By which I mean, did this start because we refused to pay our teachers what they could have made in private industry and thus had to accept those who couldn't make it in the private sector?    If it was the dollar, then we failed a long time ago, back in the 30's or 40's at least.   There is no point in raising salaries at this point - there are certainly a few that are worth it but most teachers are nothing more than pampered baby sitters.  Rewarding them for continued failure is - ill-advised.  Is there any surprise that the billions the teachers union raises is used to squash the idea of competition from say private school vouchers?  That's our money! They scream, go get your own.

Perhaps it was getting the state involved in education at all - The only thing the state excels at is bureaucracy - dead weight, and the restriction of liberty and the individual.   And that is what education has become  - dead weight.  In public schools - No child is allowed ahead, or all children are left behind equally.   Competition something females have evolved to avoid as much as possible, has become a call for action - stamp it out!  Dodgeball - state forbid, it's competition, it's barbaric, people have to choose teams and someone is always last - feelings get hurt! We might damage their unearned self-esteem, as if anyone should have to earn anything anyway.   For a group (progressives) who seem to lean toward atheism, they seem to have latched on to the idea that all people were created equal, and if they weren't well then we'll just have to fix that.  It's hard to make a stupid person smart, so let's just make the smart people stupid, which requires that they learn just how helpless they are - leave it to the state, let the state take care of it.

Any way you look at it - we allowed it to happen, we got too busy being told what success is, and that we needed to dedicate our lives to our careers, especially women.  Then we let them ( progressives ) tell us that trades  skills are icky and dirty and no one should have to do that when you can get a degree in women's studies.    I often wonder - if they succeed in getting everyone a college degree - no matter how Worthless, who do they think is going to come fix the leaky faucet or clogged drains?  Who's going to fix their cars?  Their roads?  Who's going to build their smart phones?  Who's going to kill the cows for their steaks? or pluck the veggies for their salads?

I suppose that's what comes from having no connection to anything but your feelings.  Nature is there to be observed, no played in, not touched, certainly not worked in. Why would you kill a defenseless animal and where the hell is my prime rib?  You can't teach this stuff in schools anymore - because VIOLENCE and icky stuff and what about my feelings?

So instead of teaching Economics, and math (too hard, makes me feel stupid and everyone says I'm not stupid so it must be the math that's wrong) and competition* they teach each child that they are special but just the same as everyone else - yes unique little snowflakes just like everyone else - we simply change the definition of unique, easer that way.  We teach the boys to behave like girls and the girls to want to be boys.  We teach them that doing hard work is icky and no one should have to do that, and you shouldn't have to take care of your kids because it gets in the way of your career - unless it's the undocumented worker you hired to take care of your kids so you don't have to, in which case, taking care of kids is okay. Because none of this applies to them, just the everyone we decide it applies to.

* You know how to deal with being one of 250 people with college degrees trying to get a job putting icing on cup cakes - which apparently requires a degree in creative writing, communications or women's studies now...  Gotta pay your dues - well maybe you just have to pay the teachers union dues.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

STEM(S) is good

I like Mike.   Mike Rowe - Dirty jobs.

He's figured out a way to make a living and he gets to  smack the smug useless academia "everyone needs a college degree" types with a dirty rag.   Go Mike!

Work Hard and Smart.
Respect for the Skilled Labor - you know, the guys (and gals) that actually keep everything running?

So, Mike has asked us (people who read his blog) to let people know about an upcoming STEM(S) conference in DC.  Yep STEM(S)
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Skilled Labor - you know, all those people who make it possible for the STEM people to have jobs, by actually doing all the hard physical work that results in - well...  production.

So - Check it out. Please!