Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Government Overreach (again)

This video covers at least one FDA raid on raw milk where the FDA used the Food Modernization Safety Act - Wow if that's not a red flag "Modernization" and "Safety" both in the title - Both Government Speak for Government Control.

Since the Dairy Industry lobbied for this bill (according to the report), then the obvious response is to boycott dairy.  Well, I really needed to cut back on cheese anyway.  

The reality of this kind of crap is that it's ALWAYS the MONEY.  The government never does anything for our benefit, you have to find the real incentive - if they're claiming some altruistic for the public good crap you know they're lying.  There are NO altruists in government, so find the real incentive, someone is going to benefit financially from anything they do, when it becomes a Violation of Liberty like this the answer is to hit them in their bank account.

Is a magazine ban useful?

I see someone did a video similar to the one I was thinking about doing.  I like the rebuttal to Stephen King's little attack on guns, in which he states:

"If you can't kill a home invader with ten shots, you need to go back to the local shooting range."  - Stephen King, GUNS 2013

So apparently Stephen holds civilians to a MUCH higher standard than the NY Police department.  - Well that makes sense, so do I.  But to assume your going to get the job in 10 rounds under any circumstance is .. ah ... STUPID.

What's good about the video?   Some interesting facts about how often NY cops miss ( looks like about 85% of the time).  The person running the tests is a Sheriff.   The tests show that reloads don't slow you down enough to make a lot of difference (assuming you have the magazines handy).  Using an advanced and less experienced shooter was good.

What's bad about the video?  Jim fires 30 rounds from two 15 round magazines, then from three 10 rounders then from fix 6 rounders.  It's pretty obvious that Jim is not firing as fast from the 15 rounders as he is from the others which is why he got a faster time with the 10 rounders. Slanting the test is a BAD idea.  He either should have been shooting at full speed though out, or working on timed fire (try to average 1 shot per second) etc.   This way it looks like the video is TRYING to deceive.

If shown to a person who owns a gun but because of the media was siding with the magazine banners - I suspect it would change their mind.   If the person is already a gun grabber, this is just going to make them feel even more strongly that all guns should be banned.

Getting them to actually understand that magazine restrictions are pointless is - well, pointless - they don't want us to have ANY magazines - or the guns to use them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

All warm and Fuzzy

There is some conversation over at SHTFPlan about new targets from a DHS supplier Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. and their new line of No More Hesitation Targets.  Those targets just make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

If you believe a collapse is coming (and over 50% do) and your the government and you know your actions are contributing to the collapse, then you have to know what's coming.  These targets make perfect sense - basically any civilian with a gun is a target.  Fits nicely with their desire to remove from circulation any weapons that make them nervous (Them being DHS).

I'm not even a little bit surprised.  But then every time I look at the numbers it becomes obvious to me that sooner or later the credit will run out and then the party is over.   Expect it to get bad very fast.

For the Children

When someone says "for the Children" you've got a problem.

Progressives and, well, most politicians are always talking about - for the children.   So maybe one of them could explain to me how saddling a child with over $52,000 dollars of debt before their first birthday is in any way beneficial for the child. 

Given the current spending habits of politicians and the desires of those that elect them, that one year old will be in serious debt by the time they graduate from high school, at the current rate of growth (last 12 years) we can expect to see that child's debt in the neighborhood $200,000.   Obviously we all care about that child, why else would we be trying to teach them that massive debt is a good thing.

GNP growth has dropped from around 4.5% in 1960 to around 2.25% today so we're averaging 2.25% decrease every 50 years.   By the time that kid graduates we'll be down to 1.45% growth.  The CBO (congressional budget office) is projecting that we'll spend roughly 75% of our GDP this year.    Think about that for a minute.   75% of EVERYTHING we produce, is consumed by the Government (or those who feed off the government).   If we wanted to balance the budget for this year, we would be looking at a FLAT tax rate of 75% for every person and business - Hell even the progressives know that won't work.  So they steal from the children they claim are the future. If the trend in spending continues, our government will be using 100% within 15 years.

Yep a lot of assumptions - like we won't increase spending which I suspect is what will really happen.  Or that the added spending and drop in GDP won't result in additional increased unemployment (which it will) which will result in additional spending and a faster drop in GDP growth.

Sure - it's the children 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

It makes me cry

I just finished watching Saving Private Ryan again.  Last week I watched Band of Brothers for the third time.   I can't watch either of those movies with out tears.  These are easily two of my favorite movies.  I'm reading the book  Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest now, I don't suspect I'll make it though that with out tears either.   They sacrificed so that we could continue to live in freedom and look what we've done with it.   Well, when I say we I really mean the liberals and those to apathetic to stand up to them; and more recently the Republican party.

I have no way of knowing what those who have made the ultimate sacrifice would think of our politicians, as they  rush to destroy every remaining vestige of individual freedom and treat the constitution as nothing more than a relic to be ignored or at worst, worked around.   I hesitate to think what they would think of Americans who seek take from others and give nothing back, but I can't imagine they would be kind thoughts.   This too makes me cry, when I'm too tired of arguing with people who are incapable of processing logic, and writing letters to politicians that regard their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States as nothing more than some stupid speech they have to give before they can start exercising power; forgotten before they even lower their hands.

Friday, February 1, 2013

I want to run a little test...

I think it might be interesting to see how many of our elected officials who have Sworn to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, have any real knowledge of said document.    I propose a written exam for everyone running for office if said office requires an oath to defend the Constitution.

Utah Sheriffs support 2nd Amendment

Here's the text of a letter the Utah Sheriffs Association sent to Obama.  It's inspiring.

Read it.   Then maybe ask why your Sheriffs aren't on this list.

I think I love this guy

Liberals with Guns  - how to figure out who's too nuts to be allowed to own, or even be around firearms:

I make no claims for the accuracy of his "facts", I do think a little investigation by the media (yeah like that'll happen) is warranted.

Can you imagine Obama for 12-16 years?

It appears the a New York Democrat (isn't that redundant?) introduced a piece of legislation aimed at repealing the 22nd amendment which means we could be looking at Obama for, well a long ass time.

Every previous attempt has failed but times have changed.  Some of the GOP is getting on board (Mark Rubio for example) with Immigration amnesty - or what amounts to it - and they're idiots if they think they'll pick up more than a few percent of the Latino vote.  So the GOP will be more out numbered.  I can see it happening this time.   Can you imagine the damage they'll do in the next four years and how much worse it will be if it's 8+

I'm seeing lots of leagal action in their future

Apparently the Mayor of Paragould Arkansas has decided Martial Law is in order.  Which is kind of amusing as he has no constitutional support for it. So he's got his cops in full dress Assault(TM) gear stopping anyone on the streets after "curfew"  and asking for papers and purpose.  I expect this kind of behavior from New York or California, but Arkansas?  They did something similar in Fresno when I lived near there (well 60 miles away but it was the Big City for us rural folk).

So we've got a petty little dictator and a bunch of thugs taking over a town and where is Big Brother?  I've got the feeling he's watching to see how well this goes over and what changes need to be made before going to Open Beta Testing.

Hat Tip - DayByDay