Wednesday, March 26, 2014

China in the Obama-Putin Age

Given Obama's nonexistent foreign policy, everyone and their brother feels free to pretty much do what ever the hell they want.   Putin is just sitting back laughing at BHO and his stupid red lines.  Sanctions?  Give me a break.  They've already all but invalidated the U.S. dollar as the worlds currency of exchange.  Everyone who deals with China simply deals in the Yuan.  Most of the Russian economy is in the hands of criminals, and what isn't in mostly in the hands of corrupt politicians - unlike here where most of the economy is in the hands of corrupt politicians and the parts that aren't are in the hands of corrupt crony capitalists.

The Euro-banks are being forced out of the picture, the rest of the world just doesn't give a crap about the U.S. and Europe as anything but a Guilt Sink.  They're still happy to guilt us into giving them money and weapons and food, and they'll continue until we can't.

So, Russia has proved that they can use force to take territory for themselves.  China (PRC not ROC*) has been a little shy about doing the same, but I don't expect that to last.   Seeing the success of Putin, I'd say one more push from him aught to about do it.  The message will be loud and clear - the world is up for grabs, get in early and stake your claims.   I wonder how long before Taiwan is just another part of China.

*Peoples Republic of China (PRC), or Communist China (or more accurately - the Corrupt Totalitarian Police State of China)  Claims ownership of Taiwan.  But then so does the Republic of China (ROC) - which actually supports stuff like Freedom of the Press - which apparently we do not anymore - not that it much matters given the MSMs rigorous adherence to the Leftist party line.

We've been protecting Taiwan for a while, but I'm guessing it's nothing more than another Obama Red Line - mostly drawn with pink crayons and backed up by really mean pout.

Trigger Warning

Here's a  warning, if you start pushing this Trigger Warning SHIT in my face, I'm going to go get a tool that has a trigger and use it.

Woe unto our poor special snowflakes who apparently melt in the near vicinity of Free Speech.  There is NO Constitutional language indicating that your life should be free of every possible thing that makes you the tiniest bit uncomfortable.