Saturday, March 28, 2015

Full Blown Orwell

Ithaca College has gone Full Blown Orwell.  Using an on-line Anonymous reporting system to encourage students to report "microagressions".  Yet another example of Progressive Dissociative Disorder.* 

The whole concept of microagressions is so flawed it deserves it's own curriculum. Basically it boils down to - finding a way to take anything ever spoken or written as an insult.  Intent is to be assumed by the victim, and nothing the "aggressor" says regarding intent matters:
"Are you feeling okay?" means, "You're too feeble to deal with life just go commit suicide and save yourself the grief."

"That's a nice haircut" means "Your so ugly that the only thing about you that isn't repulsive is the hair covering your appearance." 

Even better it's anonymous so you can ruin other peoples lives without consequence - what power!  The student administration  has every student spying on every other student and every student is terrified to speak least they be persecuted. All in the name of safety.  Ah, the brilliance of the totalitarian mind.

Were does this lead? I predict that Ithaca College will be bankrupt with in a few years as their attendence numbers drop and they are forced to raise tuition even faster to keep the administration in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed.

Typical "feel good" politics with no thought to the resulting consequences.  The totalitarian progressive left never sees how the system will be turned against themselves, their presumed moral superiority makes them immune - they would never microagress, so obviously no one would ever report them.    In a way, they're probably correct, as straight white males will be the first victims of the system, followed by any white females who are insufficiently radicalized in the feminist movement. This will be followed by transgenders and gay men, assuming the college exists long enough for that to happen.

*progressives commonly exhibit symptoms of Dissociative Disorder as defined by the Mayo Clinic
Someone with a dissociative disorder escapes reality in ways that are involuntary and unhealthy. The person with a dissociative disorder experiences a disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions and identity.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

A MGTOW reaction

Speaking as a member of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement/trend/revolution? I can't help but wonder if the reaction was planned.  Yeah it's a conspiracy theory - and whopper of one.

So this is me, just sort of thinking out-loud. A few things to keep in mind - I'm a libertarian so I'm all about individual liberty and equal protection under the law,  I'm also a economist so, I tend to think in terms of maximizing the use of resources.  But let's be clear I am not a spokesman for MGTOW - I wouldn't dare presume to push my views on my fellow Men so don't go there.

MGTOW seems the logical conclusion to the Marxist Feminist movement*.  Or maybe not.... I can, if I struggle with it, see three possible outcomes.

  1. MGTOW Stage 4 (economic disengagement)
  2. The male feminist - essentially a serf to the ideology, worthless to society as they lack any of the features that makes a Man useful.  
  3. A mix, with enough luck to have some real women and real men who can keep things going.

I'm not sure any man can justify the risk of getting married anymore.  Women come with too much baggage - the entire federal,state and local government for example. Even women who don't buy into the agenda are fighting a losing battle. The system is rigged to make big government the father of their children. We're in #3 but moving toward #1, and I'm not sure where that leaves those women who actually want to be women - expatriation with their guys maybe?

Why do I discount #2?  Well, feminists have no use for those guys beyond being politically useful idiots. They can't repair a sink, or change a flat and they sure as hell don't have the guts to stand and fight when the barbarians storm the gate. Hell, they're repelled by the violence of free speech.  They're useless as a sacrifice, they'd never survive as a soldier.  They are the proverbial Bicycle to the female Fish.   They are already obsolete.

I'm not sure #3 will last, things are going down hill to damn fast. But men are stubborn.  Look at how many try to appease or ignore the feminist with out becoming a whore to the ideology. Giving up is hard - men who had men as fathers were taught - never give up.  Yet, when the Lame Street Media, the government, the educational system and a whole lot of the women are arrayed against you, what options are left? Do you keep fighting and waste what remains of the single nonrenewable resource that effects everyone - time; or do you bow to the seemingly inevitable and let them stew in their own sewage.

Does this mean the communist manifesto has won?  Well, maybe but I'm not sure they're going to much want what they get, which is essentially a country full of useless idiots. So, did they foresee the MGTOW reaction?  I doubt it.  Yes they saw and  worked for the destruction of the family - essentially achieved at this point. But I think they expected the men to just suck it up and live with it.

*MFM - progressive feminist - with all the contradiction 
[ The stages of MGTOW vary depending on where you look, but I use the following:
  1. Situational Awareness - you know things are messed up and that any sort of relationship with women can get you into serious trouble.
  2. Long Term Relationship Disengagement - You've decided you're never going to get married or be hit with palimony. 
  3. Short Term Relationship Disengagement - You've decided that life is just to short to put up with any risk associated with women.
  4. Economic Disengagement - Living the minimal life style, adding as little to the tax base of the system - or expatriation.  (I'm not completely disengaged yet and may never get there but I'm trying)  This could be considered going Galt but it's a bit more extreme. 

Political Insanity

Frankly a I'm constantly confused by various political affiliations.  Blacks and Democrats, Jews and Democrats, More Jews and Democrats - Really when has that EVER worked in their favor?  Ah hell, moderates and Democrats - this is what you were thinking when you voted for Obama right?

These are both cases of believing in the intent of the message while ignoring the reality of the actions.  It's insane, it never changes.  Every four years they make the same mistake.

Then again there's conservatives and the Republican Party.  You can see that at least Glen Beck woke up

Boggles the mind.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mitch Rosen Holsters

Tam posted here about a friend having issues re-holstering his pistol in a Mitch Rosen holster.
 And this wasn't crappy gear, either; it was a horsehide Mitch Rosen rig that had just apparently decided to give up the ghost after probably well more than a decade of carry.
Sadly my experience has been the same and it was with a brand new holster.  The build quality is very good except that the holster lacks sufficient reenforcement along the opening.  It might have worked as an OWB but as an IWB.  So, when you look for a holster, it's something to look at closely.

BTW I'm not saying to not buy a Mitch Rosen, I've talked with a number of folks that have had a lot of success with the brand.  I suspect it was the particular model of IWB for the Springfield XD 45.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

You've got that wrong

There's an old saying - Crime Doesn't Pay.

The hell it doesn't - it pays really well.  It pays so well the government participates heavily, sadly they're doing it wrong - no wait - it isn't the government that doing it wrong, it's individuals within the government that are doing it and they're doing it right - they're getting the benefits while you pay the price.

(H/T) Bayou Renaissance Man and Taxicab Depressions

Just go read the Taxicab post.   If it doesn't piss you off, then you deserve what we're all getting - Royally Screwed but a bunch of Elitist Crooks with delusions of Aristocracy.

Seriously - write to your congress critters and demand that the Un-Justice Department return the money - with interest and then they need to fire everyone.

The Third Amendment

I followed a link from Shall Not Be Questioned - this USA today article.  I was shocked, really.  Dumbfounded.  I've gone back and read it again, looking for the usual But! and I can't find it.  How the hell did this slip though the mass media filters?

I've come to expect nothing but lip service to the constitution from the media.  The first amendment only applies to ProgThink, the second is so out of date it should be abolished, the fourth doesn't mean what it says - you know the usual kind of government expansionist crap.   Yet, here we have someone arguing in USA today that the Third Amendment should actually be applied to electronic eavesdropping by the government.   I'm in favor of it - they've castrated the Forth Amendment so badly that it's observed more often in the breach.  I can see the argument, then again I can see the counter argument, given the way things are today, I don't have much hope for a return to sanity.