Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GMO and Rats

There seems to be a trend in the scientific community.  It's a trend that will eventually kill science all together - yeah I really said that.   Kill Science.   It's funny but when you kill decent, and you refuse to publish papers because you don't like what they're telling you, then you've stuck you head someplace with out light.

The trend is rampant in "Climate Science".   This paper on GMO's was pulled at one point, but at least seems to have been republished.  The paper describes a significant increase it tumors in rats fed on GMO rat feed, more importantly it discusses liver and kidney damage.

The feed in question is a Round-Up tolerant GMO maize.  

My previous complaints with GMO have always been license, patent & trademark issues.  The inability to control "infection" of non-GMO crop fields.  I also have a  problem with the idea of giving a patent on a gene sequence or DNA.   Patent a process - yes, a pattern of genes or DNA - no.

I'm not sure this single study changes any of that, but it brings up questions.  I'd like to see more thorough studies done - sadly I think they'll need to be done outside this country.    The links between Monsanto and the FDA are too numerous and intertwined as are the links to the universities.  Too much money involved, too much crony capitalism.  Sadly, even going outside the U.S. may not do it.

I'm not likely to avoid GMO's because of one report but it's a bit wording.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Breath of Fresh Air

I've always liked Gary Oldman.

 I sat though an entire movie with out realizing I was actually watching him - he's that good - he disappears into the character.  Some (most) actors play only a different version of themselves, some can't manage even that.   That's not necessarily bad if the casting is good.   John Wayne played John Wayne in every movie he did - And I like most of them.  Kevin Costner has a bit more range, but he needs to avoid playing The Big Hero - the only thing that saved Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves was Morgan Freeman and Alan Rickman (I'll cut your hear out with a spoon!)  Okay maybe saved is pushing it, but Morgan and Rickman were so damn good, Mastrantonio was also good.  -- Err, distraction.

Gary give an interview with Playboy - some of which was repeated here 

Of course the LibProg Press is going nuts - Getting all offended that he told people to just get over it in reference to Gibsons rants or Baldwins bad behavior.  So he understands the LibProg obsession with being offended.  How miserable must your life be to spend all that time looking for things to be offended by, and not of it's really offensive, not in the scheme of things.  It's not like they chopped off anyones head on TV, or kidnapped a couple hundred girls, or rape and mutilate people - THAT'S offensive.  Calling Nancy Pelosi "a fucking useless cunt" is simply an opinion, he's entitle to it - and I happen to agree with it.  I'll go one further - she's a fucking EVIL, worse than useless, lying cunt.     

Truth?  Don't care much for that word, I was raised in a time when my dad would have washed my mouth with soap if I used that language, probably after smacking my behind.   But sometimes it just fits -- I can only think of a couple other people I'd apply that too - unsurprising to me anyway, is that they're all politicians (or closely related). Should people get offended by words? That's harder, Hitler said some VERY offensive things, then again so has Al Sharpton. I really think the meaning of the full context is what's important, a word is -more or less - just a word.  Repeated use of the f-word or the c-word simply makes someone sound dull, I know folks who use the f-word hundreds of times a day - it has about as much meaning as Um or Uh - it fills space. 

Political Correctness is bullshit - it's only purpose is to silence people who disagree with the agenda.  Look at the words that get you into trouble, every time we agree on a new word - it too becomes politically incorrect - Hell homosexual (clinical term) is politically incorrect now - or is it gay - hell I can't even keep up - first it was Negros, then People of Color, then Black Americans, then Blacks, then Afro-Americans, then African Americans - what's it going to be tomorrow?   By the way - if a black person is African American, then I'm German-Scots American and piss on you if you ever call me something else - See?  Stupid.    Just get over yourselves people.

Go Gary, give em hell!


In the I love Irony department - One of Obama's Unions - you know, the people that got him elected twice, well some of them feel betrayed - That bought his ass with good money, he should stay bought.

Apparently the Coal Workers don't like Obama's War On Coal   Be damned, I suppose it had to happen sooner or later - Me and a Union holding the same opinion on something - well sort of anyway - We both think the EPA should butt out.

While we're at it, the EPA can butt out of making the puddle I get every time it rains for more than three day - a Federal Waterway - It's a god damn puddle.

Oh, and they can butt out of the whole Wood Stove issue too.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Totalitarian State

FED Hiding money because foreign nations are smarter than the U.S. Politicians and have figured out  that lending us money is a bad idea.   Also More BIG BROTHER crap   h/t Bayou Renaissance Man

Apparently not to be out done, Cities are getting into the act - rather than shutting down businesses, they go after kids doing public service.    What kind of moron would do this? Easy: They're called Bureaucrats - they come in all sizes (FED,STATE, COUNTY,CITY,TOWN, and even your local CC&R board of 'No you can't do that on your own property')  They all share one basic characteristic - the view themselves as superior to you.  Heinlein was right:
"In a mature society, 'civil servant' is semantically equal to 'civil master.'"
Because we let it happen, well some of you let it happen - I kept voting against it  - I basically got stuck with it - thanks for nothing.   No, that's not quite right - some of you BEGGED for it, you  berated and demonized the rest of us because we didn't want it - weird - it's starting to eat your children and you're still begging for it.  I suspect you'll be begging for it even as it collapses on your heads and kills you.

I suppose the share another characteristic - they think if they turn everyone into a slave, they'll be happier.   They never get around to the question - happier than what?

Friday, June 20, 2014

It makes me feel young again

So I'm reading this article about schools blocking "conservative" sites and letting students access all the leftist sites - yeah, the list is kinda slanted ( slope >> 1   slope is much greater than 1,  if slope == 1 there would be, for every leftist site blocked there only one conservative site blocked. Slope < 1 would be more leftist sites blocked, yada, yada, yada... MATH sort of)

This kid starts digging -
“I became curious as to why one side was blocked and the other side was not,” 

Gotta love it - so indoctrinated he doesn't KNOW why, but not so far gone that he can't figure it out.  Yeah I've become a sync, and this kid is still an idealist - you gotta love that.

I knew it was important to get facts for both sides of the case,” 

On a gun control debate no less - really? - schools having kids arrested or suspended or expelled for paper guns, pointing fingers and t-shirts.   I smell something fishy too.  Like the debate was only going to have one side.   I wonder if any of the other students with the assignment figure out something was wrong.

So the kid takes it up the chain of command - and command says - "Gee we don't know"

Sounds like the left caught in a lie doesn't it - Okay - I'll be fair - It sounds like any government wog or politician caught in a lie - "I have no recollection. We just heard about this on the news..."  

Does anyone in the public sector EVER take responsibility for anything accept gleeful violations of an individuals rights while claiming they don't have those rights?

Give'm hell kid!

WaPo eats their own

Well the WaPo has decided to eat one of their own because of LibProg faux outrage.   h/t Althouse via Maggie's Farm

Why the hell do they keep doing this.   We all know the outrage is bullshit, it's the social justice warrior and Feminazi trademark.  Find a conservative - ignore the facts, get outraged, froth at the mouth, try to get them to back pedal.   Sadly it works too often.

So what they've done is turn Rape into a joke - it's a serious crime or was.  They claim the articles like Will's is disrespectful to victims of rape - bullshit, they're disrespectful to victims of ACTUAL rape  - regretting last nights dalliance because you were drunk is not rape.   And avoiding Due Process so you can call it rape won't ever make it rape.

These morons are the worst enemy of actual women I can imagine.  Ladies - these Lying, Bitter, Delusional monsters are not your friends.  Their approach is the same every time - remove or ignore the facts, twist the meanings, and act outraged.  They say there's no such thing as Misandry - right read their comments - it's nothing but Misandry. They say consenting while intoxicated is rape - sorry girls - your delusions don't make it fact or true or right.

You want to know about rape and rape culture - read this, then you'll know.   Thinking you made a mistake by sleeping with some guy while your drunk?  not rape.   Letting the College or University railroad the guy but never report the "crime" to the cops - Not Due Process.  It is pure and simple, a violation of his rights.   If it was really rape, then it should be reported to the police, it should be investigate and he should be put in prison (or shot for all I care).   Do some rapist get off under due process - yes and I wish they wouldn't, just like I wish due process would guarantee the every murder caught gets punished and that we NEVER put someone not guilty in prison.  But murders go free and innocent go to prison because no system will ever be perfect - a kangaroo court of LibProg professors determined to ruin yet another man is not Justice.   LibProgs, Feminazis, and Social Justice Warrirors are not interesting in justice, they're interested in everyone towing their line, singing their songs, and following the statist agenda.

Questions that have no good answers

I find myself thinking about hard questions now and then.  I'd just read this eloquent piece about mental health and it's got me thinking about how to deal with that problem again.  Every time I think about it, I come up with... nothing.

When I think about which things some people believe are illness and others believe are choice it makes me cringe.   A child should NOT be able to decide they're a boy when they are in fact biologically a girl - not with out a LOT of work - do I think it's simple delusion?  In some cases, yes, just like being a dinosaur, or a princess, or Darth Vader when you're two years old, is a form of delusion - we call it imagination.  The cases where parents hear their child, not yet a teen, declare they're a girl when they were born a boy, and support that delusion - that bugs me, ALOT.   Hell the kid isn't even old enough to know what SEX is let alone have enough self knowledge to make life decision about it.   This is in my opinion child abuse.   Are there cases were the person in question really does identify with the opposite sex, yeah I'm sure there are and once they hit the ripe old age of 18- well... go for it, not my problem.  

Do I think as many libprogs do that you should be able to identify as male or female when ever you want?  NO.  That's just bullshit.  There are significant biological differences - I find it fascinating that a group of people who typically claim that there is no god (God? gods?  Goddess?) and that it's all about darwin, then turn around and say the biology means nothing- it's all about personal choice.  Personal choice is about dealing with REALITY - not how you wish things were.  Making choices based on delusion thinking is NOT the same thing.   If you want to play at being transgender, or you want to have a sex change operation - fine, your life, your choice - I on the other hand do not have to support your delusion, if you are a man and I call you 'he' - I really don't give a rat's ass if you get offended because today you've self identified as a women - tough shit.   This is not mental illness, it's friggin libprog delusion.  You want to be treated as a woman in pubic - fine eliminate the ambiguity, dress like one, act like one, be consistent - I'll refer to you as she - I don't care - switch back the next day then get in my face about calling you the wrong thing - Bite Me.

Back to real mental illness:

The problem is, in essence:  Some people are mentally ill.  We have no cure for most (or any?) of those illnesses.  Some of those people are  danger to themselves, some a danger to others, some are a danger to both.  Some aren't really a danger to anyone.

The questions are:  
How do you decide who is ill and who isn't?
Who do you let decide?
How do you know you can trust them?
Once you've decided, what do you do with the patient?

If I wandered around telling everyone I was Elvis, and I hurting anyone?  Am I hurting myself?

I suppose you might argue I'm hurting myself, certainly my reputation - people are going to think I'm nuts - because... well... I would be nuts.  On the other hand, does it matter?  I would argue; only if my delusion prevents me from functioning within society.  Specifically: Can I hold a job, maintain a place to live, and enough food to live on, in a manner that doesn't pose a health threat?  If yes, then yeah, NUTS - but so what.  God knows there's enough going on in the world to make anyone slightly nuts.  I don't think we have the right to protect someone from themselves beyond a reasonable attempt to help - in other words - at some point this person deserves the CHOICE, stay in care or be released knowing the risks.   Then again - I think people should be able to opt for suicide for any damn reason they want - CHOICE, people.  A person owns their body, their life and they should be able to make choices.  Now I don't think someone with bi-polar disorder should be able to make that choice until they've been treated as best we can, but if they opt out after treatment?  Yeah.  Since I have no personal experience with anyone who was seriously mentally ill, aside from my Dad in his last year or two of life and suffered from dementia, I have to say - My opinion is based on the firmly held belief, knowledge, philosophy -- Human beings are sovereign, they own themselves and have the right to choose, as long as that choice doesn't involve the act of coercion on another.  

Now, if I run around bitting off peoples fingers, because that's how the aliens infect them - then I'm dangerous and something needs to be done.   We can lock this person away, attempt therapy, try drugs, but ultimately, do we dare let them loose again?  We have enough trouble deciding who should be locked up and why, how the hell are we supposed to know if we've cured them?  Being released on drugs for someone who might hurt themselves - I'd say yeah we can take that risk.  If it were me, I'd rather have the hanse to stay on the drugs and live my life and take the associated risk, than be a prisoner.    But we're talking about someone who is a danger to others.  I have a much harder time with this - they need to be put in a position where they can't hurt anyone. We're talking about something worse than prison here - they can't be allowed to socialize with out preventative measures in place (not that many career criminals can).  But we're also deciding to take this persons freedom because WE decided they're NUTS - oh and they've hurt people.   Makes it hard.

Now we get to; who decides?   This is were I really run into problems.  I don't TRUST anyone in government to make such a decision.  I sure as hell don't trust any court appointed doctor to make that decision. I wouldn't trust any doctor who had any ties to any institution that might benefit from treatment of the potential patient.  The possibility for abuse is WAY too high.   So how do you decide? who do you trust?   The best I've come up with is; not good.    A selection of 21 randomly selected professionals, none of who have government ties, or ties to any treatment center - half of which preferably would reside in other countries - would diagnose and submit a plan.  If 75% call for involuntary commitment then I guess I'd go with it.   Yeah I think it should be that hard, right up till the person commits a violent crime.  Why do I think this isn't a good option?  Well it's too damn hard to do for every potential case, it's too expensive, and it's too easy to pick a group that would just say - commit because it's easer than really dealing with the case.  On the other hand involuntary commitment for something we barely understand and really don't know how to treat (for the most part) is pretty damn radical - so it should be HARD.

I suspect that some of the folks who's blogs I've read have a much better take on this than I've ever come up with - I hope so.

I hate questions like these.   It makes me feel really inadequate, that part of me who think I should be able to solve problems if I can figure out how to define the problem.  - Some problems are just not that easy.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Because that's what we need

You'd think with all the backlash against the NSA, looking for new ways to spy on us might be low on the list of priorities.  But when you're the Post Office - the Takeaway from the NSA bashing is - MORE Spying.

They've almost managed to kill the postal service, add in enough more invasion of privacy and that should put the last few nails in the coffin.

Friggin morons.

Logical, really

Apparently Bloomberg has decided you eat too much salt.  So not only can't you have A Big Gulp, or a gun, but you can't have salty foods either - All that canned food you live on - take the salt out you evil food monster. Potato chips? NO!

So let's see, any food he considers bad for you (not him, YOU) you can't have anymore.

Anything he decides isn't safe in your hands, you can't have. (not him, or his employees - YOU)

He'll be attacking either coffee or swimming pools next.   Certainty energy drinks will come under attack (won't bother me much except on principle).  What about booze?  No, no, we won't be going after booze - need that to appease the masses. Besides not only won't he give it up, neither will any of the other elected officials, or unions - so, no  Booze should be safe.  Hmm, Candy - that has to go.

You have to wonder just how big an ego it takes to be Mr. "My place in heaven is assured" Bloomberg.  How many brown-nosed sycophants does it take to carry that ego around?  Here is a man who, if he ever read a bible, he didn't understand it.

If there was ever an argument for not letting an individual accumulate too much wealth (and there isn't)  He would be the poster child.   Although if you made a law, making it illegal to use your money to campaign against ANYTHING.... No can't go there either.  Guess we'll just have to resort to mocking him until he dies of self-righteous indignation.

Missing Email

They recycled the drive.   They recycled the Drive?  THE DRIVE?  THE. ONE. AND. ONLY. DRIVE?

I'm starting to think perhaps both sides are covering something up.  Is there some reason the republicans are not pressing for backups? Why aren't they asking about how the data was lost on what should have been raid arrays? You seriously expect me to believe that the government uses IT that even a small business owner wouldn't or shouldn't trust?  

If those email's are missing it's because a lot more was destroyed that one hard drive.

Seems low to me

Well according to the WSJ/NBC Poll 54% of the people think Obama isn't up to the job.  That number should be 100% but self delusion is rampant in this country.

That number should have been %100 back in 08, then again 4 years later. I guess late is better than never, but not much.

He was never up to the job, he was a figgen community organizer who turned into the most destructive force for freedom in the history of this nation.   If I can work up the enthusiasm maybe some day I'll find the list of all the Obama scandals and count them up.  He's got to approaching a record that will likely never fall.   Has he surpasses all the previous presidents? Sure  quite possibly surpassed all of them combined - at least by the time we find out about the other crap he did that the "NEWS" wouldn't report on.

Monday, June 16, 2014

News Flash - hammering people with bad news causes stress.

From WUWT via Maggies Farm
Climate Depot reports: Weather Channel hypes report claiming ‘Climate Change Will Mean More Stress, Anxiety, PTSD in the Future’ – Growing ‘substance abuse’ due to AGW – Expect ‘broad psychological impacts’
PTSD from something that hasn't happened?  Oh they meant Paranoid Theory Stress Delusions - my bad.  Yes I suppose if enough folks keep being told they're all stressed out over the inevitability of climate change lurking unseen (but it's there the Science is Settled), then I suppose some stress is to be expected.   I know it stresses me out.
 Stress: The suppression of the desire to strangle the living shit out of some asshole who really deserves it.    
Think of all the lives these morons are screwing up with their incessant lying.  I still think there some valid areas of study - I'd like to know why some things are really happening, not based on the Settled Science of Agenda - but you know, real facts.   The kind that are available to everyone, the kind that are result of repeatable experiments.  Data generated from consistent forms of measurement - not excessively adjusted.   You know - REAL Science. The kind where you start with an Observation, followed by a theory, followed by experiments and data gathering, followed by - (gasp) actual MATH - Data that everyone can agree is actual data, not made up.  Math that people with real math skills can verify.   
Discourse on methodologies unlike the current BAN on non-agenda supporting discourse. 
We might be in danger of learning something useful about our planet.  I realized that with out the political agenda and benefit of economies of crisis, it might be difficult to get funding, but it's better than pissing away the funding they have on making stuff up. I also realized we may not, it's possible that we're just looking at the results of a chaotic system doing what chaotic systems do, and we won't be able to see the patterns in our lifetimes.  

Sunday, June 15, 2014

17 Minutes of Tape, Two years of emails

I remember all the coverage of the 17 minutes of missing tape.  Nixon faced impeachment over it and ended up resigning (well that and a few other scandals - all related).  Yeah it eventually grew to 18 1/2 minutes.  It was HUGE - Never ending coverage - every news service, every news paper - for a LONG time.

So the IRS looses 2 years of emails - AFTER telling the Senate they had the data and would cooperate.   Lost my ass.   You can tell this is a big deal by the outrage in the media, the huge, unrelenting outrage... Just wait it'll happen any day now.   Because we all know the News Media is all about seeking the truth....  You know with all the other scandals, I can see why the Press has a hard time keeping up - I mean Chris Christie was apparently more important than Benghazi, the media spent more time reporting a scandal about traffic jams and a theoretical abuse of power at the state level - but an international incident with deaths - who cares?  IRS targeting conservatives, and.... Ah hell I really don't have the patients to go though the whole damn list again. 

How inconvenient - to have a computer crash that only affects the interesting years of Lois's email.

And people say there are no government conspiracies  - I'm might be starting to get my Mulder on.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

These children are 'ARE' future

Seriously - You'd think a school with an average of 15 students per teacher and teachers with an average salary of $76K - this might be considered BAD.  (From: EAGNews)  I get it when someone messes up they're there, or your and you're - I know the difference and when I get busy writing I still toss in the wrong one, then I edit - and fix them.  But ARE and OUR - not even close.

I've felt for a while that the education system is unsalvageable - I see no reason to change my mind.  Toss it and start over.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Not even a little surprised

Pay as you Earn? A euphemism for wealth transfer.  Given the horrible choices made by the majority of college students, if they had to pay what they contracted to pay, they couldn't - they don't and never will make enough money to both eat and pay for that fancy four (near as likely five) year party.  They won't be sining up for Obama-care because they can't afford that either, which means anyone who can just barely afford Pre-Obama health care can't afford it anymore.

This is looking to become just another 1 Trillion dollars of un-legislated transfer from people who use their heads, and try to work for a living to people who don't.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Obvious Conclusions

Apparently 1 in 4, college women get raped, and 1 in 5 men are rapists - or maybe it's the other way around, either way - if you want to get raped go to college, if you don't - do something else.

If you're still not sure, then If White Privilege hurts your tender feelings - then maybe you should avoid college - apparently White Privilege is rampant on campus.

Still not sure?  If Racism offends you - not real racism mind you, but the kind of racism where someone thinks taco's taste good - that kind of racism.   Then you should avoid college but cause Racism is also rampant.

Really?  Still thinking about it?  Okay - If you want to acquire a healthy debt balance and gain no job prospects then College is for you - sadly none of us are going to click on your paypal donate button to pay your college debts - I know that's harsh, and racist, and I should check my privilege, and I must be a rapist because not paying for your stupid delusions is just like rape.

Here's a thought - all you special little snowflakes stay home and hide in mommies basement and let the grownups deal with the whole Gun/Rape/Privilege/Racist/Homophobe/Misogynist Culture.

You'll NEVER be safe in the real world because the real world is just not built that way.  Wish as hard as you can, after all it's works so well so far.

The interweb just kinda pissed me off today - delusional morons are rampant.

Monday, June 9, 2014

LibProg Hate

I was reading a post by Matt Walsh - who I don't always agree with.  He was talking bout the difference between hating an idea or action, and hating the person.

But what about me? Do I have hate of my own? Yes, I do. Sometimes weshould feel hatred. It’s just that progressive hatred is often the wrong kind. Your hatred is for individuals, whereas mine is for certain actions and ideas.
True as far as it goes.   There are individuals I hate  because of their actions.  Paul Krugman comes to mind.  I can't decide if he's a Disingenuous Opportunist, or Brain Washed Ideologue.  I don't think he's as stupid as his statements seem to prove him to be.  Given his position I lean more toward the first - which makes me hate HIM.  If he's the second, then perhaps pity would be a better reaction but given the amount of damage he does on a regular basis.

Matt however is dealing with in this case transgender and homosexual individuals.  Unlike Matt I don't hate the ideology or the action - I just don't care - right up to the point where they use the ideology as a club to beat people into submission.   I will not submit to the kind of bulling that was used to Mozzilla Brendan Eich. (yeah being Mozilla'd is now thing). Doesn't mean I won't ever get shafted by it but I'll not submit willingly - they can bite my ass - wait - no they can't - they can go eat dog excrement and bark at the moon.

So the point that Matt misses here is WHY LibProgs hate him, and anyone they disagree with.

You see, when YOU are the only thing in the world that matters and someone rains on your parade, you react the way LibProgs react - Hate the person who doesn't give you unconditional support for your delusions.