Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Nanny State

We've got the Nanny disease in this country in a big way, but apparently we're not alone.   Somehow I would have thought a country that has as many challenges as Iceland wouldn't bother with really stupid stuff but I was wrong. 

Well I suppose given that Rep. Mitch Greenlick, of Oregon is trying to make cigarettes a Schedule III controlled substance, I suppose we're holding our own.  OK I'll be fair,  restricting children names is just being controlling for no reason.  Cigarettes still kill more people with second hand smoke than cars and guns combined, (although mybe not as many as doctors - I should really look that up).  So I suppose you could make an argument for this, but DON'T.

Can you imagine driving into Oregon and then being thown into prison for having cigarettes in your car?   If this bill goes though, it could happen.   And people wonder why there's an entire TV program decicated to making fun of Portland.

And no I don't smoke, never have and never will.

It's politically correct as long as it's just men.

Yeah that's what we need - an app that encourages men bashing.  Well I suppose it really won't make much difference as men bashing has become a bit of a national passtime for a lot of women.

Can you imagine the outrage, the coverage, that National Conversation if this had been an app to train your girlfriend?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I'm sad too

I read Tam's blog pretty much every day, and I realized I've been sad about something I read the other day.  Normally when some Celebrity says something stupid or champions a cause that really should just fade away into oblivion, I just shrug and move on - Hollywierd is full of morons with opinions based on a complete lack of understand of the real world - how else do you get Eco maniacs that own 12,000 square foot houses?

What I read was a book notification about a New Stephen King e-book called GUNS,  where he calls for support of the Obama anti gun platform.   Worse, the proceeds of the little Kindle e-book will go to that most pathetic, dishonorable, lying sack of ...,  the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

It makes me sad, that even a smart guy like King can fall for the BS that the Obama and Feinstein efforts are based on.

Only now do you understand the dark side

I got this from Cappy  who got it from Hyscience

This is not an uncommon tale. I've talked with several people in the same boat.   It's not like we didn't tell them.   The problem with them getting the government they deserve is that, the rest of us get it too. 

Here's a Craigslist poster that's clearly not very happy with Barack Obama, who he says he voted for. Here is his posting ... with a couple of minor edits:
What Obamacare did for me I thought it would be great, free health insurance, then I got a job. Boss says 28 hours a week is all they are offering now because over 30 requires insurance. Great, 30% pay cut right off the bat. But it gets better. My 28 hour week gives me about $18,000 a year which is too much for any government insurance. So now by law I have to buy my own ($5000) or pay a fine. I'm f**ked and every year the fine goes up. So what I thought was a sweet deal turned into an a** f**king. Thanks Obama, I wonder how many people like me turn 27 and find out you screwed us?
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Posting ID: 3575925425
Posted: 2013-01-27, 3:14PM PST

Sunday, January 27, 2013

So obviously it sould be used by cops against people?

From the CNN article

Speakers at the event organized by Feinstein rejected arguments that anyone beyond the military or law enforcement officers needed such firepower.
"How are you going to hunting with something like that?" asked Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey, pointing to the assault weapons displayed to his left. "You kill something, there's nothing left to eat."
Right - so is he a moron or does he think everyone else is a moron?   The 30-06 hunting rifle I had as a child has more power than any of my "Assault" weapons pick one -  5.56x45 (also known as .223),  7.62 x 35 (also knows as 300 Blackout), or 7.62x51 (also known as .308)  Makes no difference, none of them are as powerful as a 30-06, or many of the rounds typically used for hunting deer, elk, and bear in this country every year.   What the hell does he think we're hunting with these things, field mice?

So if I shoot a deer with my .308 and it leave's nothing to eat - what do you suppose it will do to a person when the cops use it - why it'll turn them into a cloud of red mist obviously - but it's ok because the cops NEVER make mistakes.

We've lost the war on Terror.

Yet one more sign that we've lost the war on terror (The first shot we really took was the ironically named Patriot Act, it's been downhill ever since.

So, on my PC I tend to use IE instead of firefox - no idea why.   It takes me to MSN.COM where I found this partway down on the right side of this page:


Do you support this type of street scanner?

Do you support this type of street scanner?

The results at 6:30PM Jan 27, 2013 were:

54 %
Yes, anything to make cities safer
154,460 votes

42 %

No, it's an invasion of privacy
119,068 votes

4 %

I'm not sure
12,116 votes

People are so terrified of everything now, that they'll happily toss the entire constitution away on the merest chance that it might make them a bit safer - even though it's been proven though out history giving up rights leads enexorably to tyranny - which is definitly not safer.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

GutNTag Supports the Second Amendment

I placed an order for the In Season spices from GutNTag.  I also ordered a hat.  Why?  Because they were willing to take a stand on the Second Amendment:
GUTNTAG, LLC, announces its official withdraw from the 2013 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (ESOS).  Recently, Reed Exhibitions, veteran organizer of the ESOS, announced an assault and tactical weapons ban to be implemented at the largest show of its kind in the United States.

They're going to take a financial hit for this unless we support them.  Buy something today even if you don't need it, give away as a Christmas or Birthday present - or just because.   But TAKE A STAND, and support those who do!

I don't really expect this to have nearly the impact that Sebastian had over at Shall Not Be Questioned or Borepatch  but every little bit helps!

Support your favorite 2nd Amendment foundation - I personally recommend the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA