Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Let the Exodus Begin

I wish I'd kept a list - although I'm sure the information is easily available - of all the people who claimed they would leave the country if Trump got elected.  

Let the Exodus Begin.

Stephanopoulos, Amy Schumer, Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Neve Campbell, Lena Dunham, Al Sharpton (like anyone would take him), Spike Lee (bye bye Spike).  Samuel L. Jackson - good then I won't have to listen to you rant anymore.  Cher - who? Barbra Streisand - you know, I like her movies, and she as a wonderful voice but... See Ya Babs.  Whoopi Goldberg - well she's been slipping in my opinion for the last 20 years so...  Miley Cyrus - thank god, the sooner the better. Ruth Bader Ginsburg - oh Hell Yes, have a nice trip see you again - never. 

I'm sure there a lots more that I won't miss at all.  There's probably a few that made that promise that I might be surprised at and someone disappointed... 

Sadly - I don't expect any of those people to actually follow though on their claim.