Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes I did

Actually a number of companies did build the roads and bridges, and towns, and schools - Ford for example.  Hmm come to think of it - the west was settled by individuals and towns formed around them then came schools.  A number of towns were built by and for companies (not always a good thing, but then what is?)   Ask Microsoft how much they had to pay for the 520 extension and access.

The railroads built a lot of towns and the towns grew around what the companies started.  Eventually the government moved in - and things started to go downhill.  Granted there was a brief period in the middle where government may have been useful as a way to share costs for projects too large for a single company to need or finance.   Now mostly the government just keeps things from being built - except the odd bridge to nowhere.

You don't start with a community popping up out of nowhere, complete with roads & bridges (well except in China - there it's mostly airports, with out the community though).   The infrastructure follows business, not the other way around. If you think different - look at all the rural towns that are evaporating before our eyes - why?  No jobs.   I've travel though a lot of small towns that where mostly vacant and falling apart.

Damn Socialists, always putting the cart before the horse, or government before the people.

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