Friday, September 6, 2013

Let's Obama Syria

It's really kind of funny at this point.

Obama has always been an apologist.  Then he gets all fierce and says Assad has to go.  - let's see, that was what? two years ago?

Then he draws a line in the sand.   Which got crossed.  Apparently a disturbed look, and a head shake is Obama's best weapon against someone who crosses a line. 

Then he said - Ooooh nerve gas - bad Assad - did you really do that?  Let us spend months investigating.   Oh you Did?  Well damn I guess we'll have to fire a warning shot with a firm promise to drop the gun and run away as soon as we fire it.  That should do it right?  Good - now I'll just go to congress and put everything on hold while we let congress sort it out.  - Which, Oh yeah, probably should have been the case to begin with.  But since the NY Times told us we had to attack, well - NYT the ultimate authority, gotta do it.   So there we are - we fire and warning shot and then run away - that'll show em.  - It will, it'll show them what they already knew, that they have nothing to worry about from Obama.  Honestly, I don't thing Obama gives a crap what happens in Syria - if the NYT hadn't told him to do something, he's still be dancing around the topic.  Which I'd have found preferable to what we're doing now.

Ultimately we'll be coming to the aid of Terrorists and radical fundamentalists against a tyrant.  What exactly is the up side to this?

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