Friday, September 12, 2014

So maybe we are at war

Much like all the other flip-flopping around by this administration, it appears that some of them think we might be at war.

Okay great,  at least this time we have the advantage of actually having a "declared STATE" as an enemy rather than a bunch of rabble hiding out (being supported by) countries we are technically not at war with - sure most of that current state is at the moment what used to be Iraq, and maybe a little bit of Syria but it's a non-moving target - for the moment.  

The ideal situation for the U.S. would be if ALL of the jihadist immigrated to the Caliphate so we could just wipe them out without having to chase them all over the damn globe.

Yeah that sounds harsh - especially from someone who (mostly) believes in the nonaggression principle.  Yet, they declared war on us, not the other way around.  Yes I know a case can be made for us using coercion to affect changes to their countries - probably a really good case, and I'm not sure we have the luxury of falling back on the claim of selfdefense.   History, if man kind doesn't reach the point were we can drop historical grudges then we might as well give up the claim to civilization and just make war the primary pastime of everyone.

Yes one could argue that, that won't happen, and you'd be right, but can we at least pretend to try?  I think it might fall in that area of "Fake it until you Make it"  - probably wishful thinking. I do that sometimes.

So for the time being - we have an actual war with an actual physical state, might be the biggest mistake the Jihadists have made so far.

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