Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Feminist Whining

I really want to know if we're all watching the same movie trailer. 

I was there the day Joss said this was just so 70's sexist.  I've seen the FauxRage from the feminists and SJW's   But i'm trying to figure out what it's based on.  I happen to be a fan of some of Joss's work - Firefly in particular but also Dollhouse.  Didn't watch Buffy.  I just got to say - I don't care how good a writer you are, or director, or take your pick.   A judgement about on character portrayal based on this trailer is CRAP. 

She has a 16 second voice over before she comes on screen then she's visible for at most 11 seconds out of a 2:38 second trailer, He's visible for maybe 20 seconds.

How exactly does one make a judgement about how a character is protrayed by seeing 11 seconds of video cut out of various spots (some of which - if this is like many trailers, won't even be in the film). So we see her standing around talking, then jumping off a waterfall with him, then shouting RUN.  We see him making the obvious comment about making a hybrid Dino being a BAD idea.  What? were we supposed to see her single handedly grabbing the 40' dino by the tail and smashing him back and forth like you might expect the Hulk to do?   Give me a break.

Seriously how do you get anything beyond - oh it's a Jurassic Park sequel and they're even bigger idiots than last time - yay!  

I am completely OUTRAGED! Because, Damn it I just know someone is going to eventually say something that will cause me to be outranged.

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