Monday, July 4, 2016

Biden - Still and Idiot After All These Years

So VP Biden says:
(from Breitbart)

‘I Find It Hard to Believe’ Hillary Would Do Anything ‘Intentionally Wrong’

Why does he think everyone is incapable of thinking logically.

You don't circumvent government systems by accident - if she didn't intend to do anything wrong, and it wasn't an accident - then that leaves incompetence.

And he seems to think it's okay to have either a criminal or an incompetent for President.  Then again, he's worked for an incompetent moron who can't decide if he's a communist or a Muslim (they're mutually exclusive) -- It takes a special type of stupid to be a useful idiot for both the Communists and the Muslims.

How much more of an idiot does one need to be to work for a useful idiot?

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