Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Corporate Suicide is on the Rise

Corporate suicide is on the rise.  When a corporation commits suicide, it's a long slow death.   It starts by supporting ideologies. Those ideologies come either from the University or the push to Globalization.  The current globalization efforts depend on the destruction of the sovereign nation. 

The left is lazy - they like to make threats, but they can't stick to anything.  Unlike the current right (minus Congress) who can and will stick to their guns and religion. We can also stick to boycotts or anti-boycotts.   When the left attacks a company for professing support for the Constitution, or the principles it enshrines, the right is now fighting back - and there are more of us in the fight.

Do you think the Superbowl Ads by Audi help them any?  Do you think that the leftists who subscribe to the lie of female inequality will rush out and buy an Audi instead of whatever car they were considering?  No.  It won't even enter their conscious thinking.  On the right, it will matter, there are many alternatives to Audi on the market, and shifting away when you feel insulted by a company is easy.

So, 84-Lumber put up their add with people who were supposed to represent what?  Immigrants? Illegal Aliens? The most common assumption was that: The appearance of the WALL and the immigrants was blocked by its existence was a clear statement - We Don't Want Your Wall. We Want Illegal Immigration and the default behavior.

Now, 84-Lumber is saying something different.   Do we believe them? Did they really not understand how that might come across? Yes Trump did say he wanted a big beautiful door in the wall - that door is US Immigrations. It is not an unlocked door in the middle of now where, unmaned, making the wall essentially useless.

I'm inclined to think 84-Lumber's Maggie Hardy Magerko is telling the truth - I just think she got a lot of bad advice.  Advice about sticking your corporate neck into the ghillotine that is now American Politics. Will this commerical cost 84-Lumber?  Yep, there are those who will take it as a slap in the face and her commends will either be unknown, or unheard. But you can bet the left will pick up on her comments of being pro-Trump and that will also cost her.  

You can thank the leftists for that.  They started the movement of scorched earth politics.   The right is now making them live up to the rules they applied only to everyone else.

What lessons should Corporate America - companies like Kelloggs who took a beating in the stock market for playing polticis?   Don't stick your corporate neck into politics - There is no upside, you will alienate a large section of your market while you cater to another part.  Better to keep silent - and that includes your donations.

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