Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Government Overreach (again)

This video covers at least one FDA raid on raw milk where the FDA used the Food Modernization Safety Act - Wow if that's not a red flag "Modernization" and "Safety" both in the title - Both Government Speak for Government Control.

Since the Dairy Industry lobbied for this bill (according to the report), then the obvious response is to boycott dairy.  Well, I really needed to cut back on cheese anyway.  

The reality of this kind of crap is that it's ALWAYS the MONEY.  The government never does anything for our benefit, you have to find the real incentive - if they're claiming some altruistic for the public good crap you know they're lying.  There are NO altruists in government, so find the real incentive, someone is going to benefit financially from anything they do, when it becomes a Violation of Liberty like this the answer is to hit them in their bank account.

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