Friday, February 1, 2013

I'm seeing lots of leagal action in their future

Apparently the Mayor of Paragould Arkansas has decided Martial Law is in order.  Which is kind of amusing as he has no constitutional support for it. So he's got his cops in full dress Assault(TM) gear stopping anyone on the streets after "curfew"  and asking for papers and purpose.  I expect this kind of behavior from New York or California, but Arkansas?  They did something similar in Fresno when I lived near there (well 60 miles away but it was the Big City for us rural folk).

So we've got a petty little dictator and a bunch of thugs taking over a town and where is Big Brother?  I've got the feeling he's watching to see how well this goes over and what changes need to be made before going to Open Beta Testing.

Hat Tip - DayByDay

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