Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Men and stuff

Bad night - Sinus headache, bad mood - and I'm going to rant - so be warned.

I've been getting more and more fed up with the notion that it's OK to attack men for being men.  I had a conversation with an NPR talk show host when I lived in the Bay Area.  This was back in the mid 90's and she wondered why it was the only group anyone could make fun of anymore was White Males - yep even back in the 90's.  I called in and told her - Because we're the only one's with a sense of humor anymore.  Everyone else takes themselves too seriously.

Well I seem to have lost my sense of humor - it's been pummeled out of me by the constant, unrelenting attacks by feminists.

The Captain had a link to A Voice for Men post about a Bill Burr rant 
Where in Pual Elam busts Bill's Balls for easing up on women who trash a man's personal property as an act of revenge for cheating.  All based on the Carrie Underwood song.   Yeah I hate that song too.   So where Paul has a problem with Bill's podcast is:
But here’s the deal. At straight up 9:00 minutes into the video, after ripping these women a complete new asshole for being unrepentant criminals, he challenges women who have been cheated on to find a more functional way handle the situation. And he encourages them to take some responsibility, saying, “You know, rather than looking inward going, you know, maybe I’m a bad judge of character. What sort of qualities am I looking for in somebody, and I’ll date that. I mean, didn’t the fact that the guy had a souped-up four wheel drive truck, didn’t that give it away on any fucking level?”
And I am like, what?

Did I just hear Bill Burr counsel women who justify fucking vandalism as form of petty vengeance that the problem was that they chose men with bad character? What about her character? I mean, how much good is it doing to suggest to scumbag women that they need to pick principled men to date? And by what standard, their cars?
This is where I think Bill, who was on a hell of a roll, skidded right off the tracks into the ditch. It is consistent with the Sugar and Spice mentality about women that even a guy like Bill can default to, and even when he is talking about some disaster of a cunt who slashes tires when she is upset. Did he imagine that before she was cheated on that this woman was some sort of fucking saint
Well, Paul - no I don't think that's what he did.   I think what he did was council women who might be thinking that way to try a different - less illegal track.  Before they take that first step.     Now I agree, judging a man by his car is a bit like judging a woman by her purse - kind of stupid.  The notion that people use cars as a form of compensation is so exaggerated at this point - it serves no purpose. 

Where Bill went off the rails is when he decided to go down that same track and talk about two shots to the ball of lettuce on her shoulders.  Even saying (and I paraphrase here) - "I'm not condoning hitting woman" - is pointless.   It shows that you, as a man can talk about / dream about doing those types of things just as easily as a woman.   Counter productive Bill.

The most telling point here - is that Radical Feminism's preaching of hate toward men is having a lot of unintended consequences.  I for example, used to think feminists had a valid point of view - now I think they just hate men.  Hmm, maybe hate is not the right word - despise perhaps. They've gotten women declared a protected class entitled to treat every criticism as hate speech, much like blacks and other minorities - but they're not a minority.  And feminists are the one's distorting facts, preaching hate, and demanding special treatment.  Men are starting to respond in a way that women are not going to like.  We're being told we're not necessary - So. Fine. We'll go our own way, let's see how well that works for you.

Take Facebook's recent actions as an example.  F***b**k has gone over the edge and become a tool for the radical feminists - they can post their hate men messages, but anything critical of feminism get's yanked.   I'd have dropped F***b**k except it takes effort to log in and do that.  An effort I haven't had the motivation to expend for quite a while.   So, some time in the next few days I'll get around to deleting my F***b**k account.   Why?  Because they force their opinions on people, they spy on people, the treat peoples information and copyrighted data as fodder for their money machine.    They represent the worst of the tech industry, much like Google (yeah I know blogger is a G-tool - it provides a platform for me to bash G's politics at G's expense).   At least to date they've haven't decided to deny First Amendment rights to people who disagree with them.  (I don't expect it to last - they're too progressive to let people disagree with their ideology.)

I'm not looking for protection and special treatment - I'm just going to boycott those who talk about being against hate, when they're really supporting it.

Oh and on the off chance that someone actually wonders - I'm all for equality, even if it is - in the end - a bad deal for women.  When I say equality I mean it - if you can't pass the tests, we shouldn't be making them easier just so women can pass (yes I know there are any number of women who would do significantly better than I can on physical fitness tests - not the point, I'm not trying out for Spec Ops, or Fire Fighter).  Women should not get any special treatment for being women, they should get equal treatment - period.

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