Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hope and Change

What the administration really meant by Hope and Change

When first questioned about the Terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi the Administration had a Hope that the story, about it being a spontaneous attack caused by hurt feelings over a youtube video that almost no one had seen, would fly  Failing that, they realized a Change was needed.

When the video story failed  they Hoped they could float the idea that there had been no warnings and that they responded in a timely fashion.  When that failed they realized they needed a Change in story.

When questioned about responding to requests for help, they Hoped they could ignore the question.  When the question just wouldn't go away, they simply decided to Change the question.

When Obama care was passed the Hope was that it would all take effect in 2014.  When the senators figured out it was going to cost them personally - they decided it need some small Change.

When the administration promised: if you like your plan you can keep it.  They had  Hope that everyone would believe it.  When they started getting called on their obvious LIES, they created a Change in the plan to transfer blame to someone else.  Somehow allowing insurance companies that had already instated the required changed to - require - some of those changes after it had already been completed would fix the problem.

The administration had Hope that people wouldn't realize what effect the employer mandate would have on employment numbers until AFTER the election.  When it because obvious that Obamacare was going to harm companies and cost jobs, Obama used his mighty pen to Change the law.

When Obama was running for office he clearly stated his position on marriage. He had Hope that his statement that marriage was - between one man and one woman - would get him elected.  Later he had to Change his mind because he wanted to get re-elected.

I could go on for WEEKS.  Yes the Obama legacy is Hope and Change - They Hope you won't realized how they're screwing you over - then Change to the story when it becomes embarrassing.

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