Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Death of Religious Freedom

There have been signs aplenty that the left doesn't want Christians.   Muslims -  sure, Atheists - excellent!  Jews - not so much,  Pagans - too small a voting block to matter.   But Christians?  No! thank you very much now go away.

I'm not sure if the deportation thing was unique but keep in mind - One of the founding principles of this country is Religious Freedom.

The Left Also had a real Hate for home schooling - you're pulling the impressionable youth out of their Useful Idiot Factories.  It's much harder to create a totalitarian police state when people see what you're doing and actually understand the consequences.   So of course that family had to go - I mean really - Christian and Home Schooled?  Nope just can't have that kind of resistance to the the Group Think!

Some times I think we're falling down the rabbit hole, but to the best of my knowledge rabbits don't crap in their own holes - and the LEFT most certainly does.

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