Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Third Amendment

I followed a link from Shall Not Be Questioned - this USA today article.  I was shocked, really.  Dumbfounded.  I've gone back and read it again, looking for the usual But! and I can't find it.  How the hell did this slip though the mass media filters?

I've come to expect nothing but lip service to the constitution from the media.  The first amendment only applies to ProgThink, the second is so out of date it should be abolished, the fourth doesn't mean what it says - you know the usual kind of government expansionist crap.   Yet, here we have someone arguing in USA today that the Third Amendment should actually be applied to electronic eavesdropping by the government.   I'm in favor of it - they've castrated the Forth Amendment so badly that it's observed more often in the breach.  I can see the argument, then again I can see the counter argument, given the way things are today, I don't have much hope for a return to sanity.

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