Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mitch Rosen Holsters

Tam posted here about a friend having issues re-holstering his pistol in a Mitch Rosen holster.
 And this wasn't crappy gear, either; it was a horsehide Mitch Rosen rig that had just apparently decided to give up the ghost after probably well more than a decade of carry.
Sadly my experience has been the same and it was with a brand new holster.  The build quality is very good except that the holster lacks sufficient reenforcement along the opening.  It might have worked as an OWB but as an IWB.  So, when you look for a holster, it's something to look at closely.

BTW I'm not saying to not buy a Mitch Rosen, I've talked with a number of folks that have had a lot of success with the brand.  I suspect it was the particular model of IWB for the Springfield XD 45.

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