Saturday, April 7, 2012

The problem is the Brain

After reading THIS post on Tam's blog, it required a

The problem is the Brain - it seems to atrophy as power and authority increase.

It might be unfair to compare TSA to the prison system - but then again, it's probably being very generous.

Prison guards know they're dealing with criminals, TSA just acts like they are.
Prison guards are suposed to keep the inmates under control, TSA just enjoys it.
Prison guards are required to search prisoners and their cells now and then, TSA just does it because they can.

Prison guards can't keep a cell phone out of the hands of Charlie Manson, with all their experience.  How the hell does anyone even begin to believe that the morons that TSA hires have a chance.   Those idiots not only don't know their own regulations, they've proven they're incapable of understanding them when they are presented in writing.

Oh sure we're MUCH safer - NOT.   TSA is a typical New Government bureaucracy - Control and Abuse of Power in the guise of Security.  At least the terrorists are upfront about wanting us to live in fear - the government has been working toward that goal for decades - and it's working.

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