Monday, April 9, 2012

Splain it to me Lucy

How the hell did gas prices become a Presidential race issue?

Unless we're going to nationalize the oil companies, and give up foreign oil all together, how does anyone begin to think the President is going to lower gas prices?     There is NO historical precedent for the idea - it's a WORLD oil economy, we don't get to make anywhere near enough of the decision to radically lower prices.   Even if opening new drilling would lower the price (which it won't), it sure won't happen just because we said - yeah go ahead and drill - it takes time to bring that production on-line and have any effect on the U.S. production levels.

Frankly I'm in favor of opening ANWR and I'm more or less a environmental supporter - I like wilderness, I like parks, I like clean water, and clean air and I'm willing to pay for them.    The negative ANWR arguments are bogus from one end to the other - the wildlife take advantage of pipelines as access to feed during the winters, as a means of making travel easer - they don't care about the pipes.    Why the hell would anyone talk about running a pipeline from ANWR across Alaska to the south - when you can run a MUCH shorter one to Prudhoe Bay?  you wouldn't.  

We keep talking about dependance on foreign oil - but not doing anything about it.   Like most issues that are serious - we make noise and do nothing.

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