Monday, April 9, 2012

Yeah, what He said.

Wow I'm in agreement with someone, how weird is that.   Not Durbyshire - although most of his advice is practical - and can like most of these types of arguments - support noun substitution.    For example, replace black with white, and the primary elements (items 8-10), or hispanic or - well take your pick.

The point is - we don't all get along when we're acting as a tribe, as individuals - who know each other, it's different.    Tribbing is an instinctual behavior, part of our evolution - we make tribes of everything - Liberal vs Conservative, Yankees vs the Sox, White vs Black, Black vs Hispanic, American vs Chinese, Ford vs Chevy, Democracy vs Totalitarian.   We tribe, and tribes are design to support their own and fight with the non-tribe.

So for those of you (why do I bother, none of them read this shit), who think everyone who ventures an opinion that doesn't fit into the Progressive "We are the World" mythology should be silenced - I say:

Shut-up, suck it up, and get over it.    The world is not  your oyster and you don't get to make all the rules.   Take your politically correct pipe dreams and smoke them someplace else.  Plugging your ears and yelling NA-NA-NA-NA-NA is not a viable argument; it's just as annoyingly useless as it is when a 5 year old does it.

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