Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night Blues

Occasionally I find myself wishing I had cable TV, or Sat TV, or even an Antenna - Tonight would NOT be one of those times.   I just finished off a Eureka Marathon, now I'm going to go back watch it again.   Way more interesting than finding out which Democrat or Republican is going to screw us in the coming years.

I feel bad for the folks that voted for Obama thinking they're going to get something besides screwed.   If he wins we're all screwed.  People vote (R) or (D) get what they deserve, the problem is I get what they deserve too.  It's one of the problems with democracy - and no I don't have a better idea.  OK I do but it involves some changes to the Constitution and if we tried that now it would be totally FUBAR - not worth the risk.  Not that anyone in the Gubment pays any attention to the Constitution anymore.

I feel worse for the folks that voted for Romney, thinking he's going to save us from Obama.   Once again - the only difference between a Republican and a Democrat is which lies they tell and who they tell them to in order to buy their votes.

I don't want an economic collapse - it will SUCK.   I do happen to think we're far enough over the edge that there's no coming back.   We'll  maybe, if we defaulted on our national debt (which would piss off a lot of Chinese) and switched to the gold standard and made it illegal to issue money that was not 100% backed by gold reserves and exchangeable on demand for gold.  And if we got rid of the Fed.  It should make it impossible for the Gubment to spend what they don't have.  Then maybe, if we survived the fallout (and it would be epic), we might get the economy back on track.   But with a bunch of people who have been marinated in "Spend it, we'll print more latter", running the country we are SNAFU.

So I really don't care who wins the election because in the long run, I don't see this ending well either way. (I hope its a long run say 20 years - hey I can dream right?).   OK.   That's not true - I'd prefer Romney over Obama as I think it will give me a bit more time to prep for what's coming.

*FUBAR  (Fracked Up Beyond All Recognition)
*SNAFU  (Situation Normal, All Fracked Up)

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