Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stupidity on so many levels

First it's Mourdock's political suicide attempt suggesting that rape is all part of "God's Plan" 

Then my (I'm sorry to say) fellow Washingtonian; John Koster, slams both feet into his mouth, past his knees.  

It's just so stupid I can't let it go.   Neither of these individuals have ANY chance of having ANY effect on the issue, so why on earth would you shoot your big mouth off.   Oh sure there are a bunch of religious folks who might agree, but there's a lot of independents who don't.  

So, you shot off your big mouth to give a warm and fuzzy feeling to some people who were already going to vote for you and pissed off a lot of folks who were either undecided or leaning in your direction.  They are now looking for any possible alternative.  If either of these victims of verbal diarrhea where on my ballot I'd have voted for the other guy just on principle.

Normally I don't mention my preferences in this area because it's MOOT - as in DECIDED by the SCOTUS.  Past tense, done - get over it.   But I'll make an exception this time.

I'm not a fan of abortion as a means of birth control, but it's not my body - I can't get pregnant so I keep my frakking opinion to myself.   I do Absolutely believe it's a woman's RIGHT to make that decision for herself.   This is based on the apparently tired and trite view that we are not slaves to either government or society (regardless of how much they want us to be).    I'd prefer the woman choose a different option (like adoption) but again - It's not my body so it's none of my business.

What the hell is it with people that makes them think it's OK to push their beliefs on everyone else.

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