Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The next election 2016

I'm betting that Chris Christie (Megalomaniac) runs for president in 2016.   Given the completely self serving nose thumbing he gave the republican party at their own convention, followed by Obama boosting just days before the election; I'm wondering if the Republicans are going to forgive and forget, or just pretend to forget, in the hopes of finding someone who can win an open race.  They've proven they can't beat an incumbent even when said incumbent practically throws the race.

Frankly, I think both parties have screwed us so badly that there won't be a middle class in 2016.  Perhaps there will be enough people on the dole that there just isn't enough dole to go around even with the printing presses running 24/7.   If that's the case, maybe they'll finally see the two parties for what they are and go a different direction..... Nah, never happen. But it's a nice dream.

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