Friday, December 14, 2012

A little experiment

I honestly don't think it would be possible, but it would be interesting.

I was talking to a few young men about politics, political systems, and why our system is broken only slightly less than the other systems.  What I'd like to see is a little experiment.  Let's split up the US and give each major faction an area of control.  Each area needs to have sea ports or access - canals under joint treaty, rivers, some way to allow sea based transport.

Let's give Southern California to the Progressives (state socialists/communists) mostly because they already have it.

Then we'll take WA, OR, Northern CA (above 40ÂșN), ID, MT, WY and create a new country with a much tighter Libertarian version of the Constitution and Bill of rights.  It needs to spell out that the Government can ONLY do what is allowed by the Constitution, if it's not spelled out in black and white - they don't get to even think about it.

Give Utah to the Mormons - since they already own most of it, plus a right of way down to the Gulf

Give Arizona and  New Mexico, and probably Nevada plus a corridor between Mexico and the Peoples Republic of California out to San Diego to the Re-conquistadors.
Give the Fly-over States to the Religious Right.
Give the North East to the Democrats. 
Give Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois to the Unions.
Leave the South as it is. 

Not sure what to do with Alaska or Hawaii, let them pick one?  Might have to give the Union State a bit more territory. 

Now, sit back and watch for about 50 years and see what happens.

I predict:

Southern CA will be absorbed into the Re-Conquistador State, after they go completely bankrupt - 10 years tops,  all the beach front and high end property will be reserved for the Party Elite. 

The Re-Conquistador State will be Socialist/Communist, have a very low GDP, high crime and corruption, and be essentially broke.   This will end up being a good example of a corrupt Democratic Socialist country.

The Union States (Michigan et al) will be the new standard for corrupt government.  They will essentially become a National Socialist state were all production is owned by the state.

The North East will be Socialist and essentially under the control of the U.N.

Texas will be Texas

The South will be the South, quite a bit like it is today.

Utah will be, well... Utah

The Fly-over states will be a Theocracy with the largest exports of grains in the world.   They will have a Heavily monitored and censored populace.   

The New North West will be the new center for space exploration, technology, and health care, munitions, and banking.  Have the lowest crime rate of any place on the planet out side of Singapore. The highest GDP in the world.   Mostly self sufficient, a foreign policy of - Leave us Alone and we won't smack you. 

- Just a guess.

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