Thursday, December 13, 2012


The Survival Mom has some links to an old Twilight Zone about a man who builds a fallout shelter.  It's not a great design, but still a huge improvement over his neighbors who have done nothing.   When the emergency happens, the results are predictable.

This article by a Disaster Planner show's just how screwed up the bureaucracy is.   She seems to think I'm selfish for planning ahead.  Somehow, me not being a needy and demanding victim is selfish.     Does that seem backwards to anyone else?

Perhaps a better approach:
Step 1: Try telling the truth.  In the case of a national disaster or even regional one, the Government is going to look out for itself first, you last.   All your neighbors who don't do anything to prepare are going to come looking to share yours if they know about it.

Step 2: Get people to take care of themselves first.  Just provide the information on how and where, and then point out that our bankrupt Government can't afford to prepare for your disaster.   They might be able to help you clean up afterward, but forget about any help ahead of time.
Step 3: Give the people some really scary scenarios: You know like a 10.2 quake on the Cascadia fault that might trigger the San Andreas fault and pretty much decimate everything between Vancouver BC, and San Diego CA, or and EMP, or pick your favorite disaster.

Step 4:   See Step 2. 

Any way you approach it, there is no possible way the Government is gong to be able to help in a wide scale disaster.   The economy will tank, if it hasn't already.  The infrastructure will be gone, and they're too slow to save millions of people from their neighbors.  Hell they won't even be able to save most of the survivors of the riots from starvation.

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