Thursday, December 6, 2012

Almost there

I've suspected for years that the NSA could monitor every electronic transaction in the world - perhaps a few exceptions like russain or chinese military.  I just didn't think they'd bother - too much data with no current value.   It turns out that was a bit short sighted on my part.   They're storing every electronic transaction you ever make, just in case at some point in the future, you become a "bad guy" to which ever group is running the government.  Doesn't matter if it's Democrats or Repulicans, they both have people they don't like and hence want to collect information on to use as a means of control.   If you think you have nothing to hide because you're not doing anything wrong - well that may be true today, but the next group in power might see it a bit differently. So yes, you should be worried.  There's no 

They've shot the 4th amendment though the head, it's dead.  The 1st is so abused and strangled it might as well be dead.  There is no journalism anymore, it's all PR now.  Public relations is a pretty phrase that really means Opinion Manipulation or Thought Manipulation.   That's what main stream media does now, they don't report facts except as a minor aside to the opinion piece.

People in power think the Constitution is An Inconvenient Document that needs to be suppressed least it interfere with their agenda.

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