Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pursuing Life

Haven't posted in a bit.  Between the fight over gun control, the continued and expected idiocy of the left, and not surprising idiocy from the right (they should know better).  I've sort tired of it.  It won't last, there's a target rich environment full of progressive morons, and politicians who I think are starting to believe their own lies.   Yeah I'll go to any pro-gun rallies, I'll keep writing to my useless progressive party puppet non-representatives.  I'm thinking though the similarities of Bernanke's Zero Interest policy and Price Control on Money.  But for present - I'm too busy having fun to give a much of a crap. 

 I've been studying for my Ham Radio license.   Too the exam on Saturday - well actually I took all three.

Way back when, you needed to learn Morse Code and be able to answer a bunch of questions about rules, electronics and procedures.  They also had Novice, Tech, General, Advanced, and Extra Class licenses.   Well things have changed, now there's no Morse Code requirement (I'm learning anyway) and there are only Tech, General and Extra classes.  Each class adds some extra frequencies you can use.  

I'd studied for the Tech and General which I got 100% on - Go ME!  Having not looked at the material for the Extra Class at all I figured I'd take it just to see - yeah, no 100% on that one, only a 54%.  I wasn't really surprised.  So now I'm studying for the Extra class.   It's interesting, and it takes math I haven't used since college - Polar Coordinates, imaginary numbers, natural logarithms.  

I've also been doing some reading about the Raspberry Pi™.  It's a tiny (slightly bigger than a credit card) computer that runs Linux.  It's powered by a USB port, has two USB ports for things like keyboard, mouse, etc.  An Ethernet connector, and HDMI connector for video/audio, and an audio only port.     You can add prototyping cards to it for your own projects - like robots.  You can connect Arduino boards to it as well - should be fun.

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