Friday, March 15, 2013

Stupid Celebrities

I usually think of celebrities as opinionated, egocentric, idiots - sure there's a few exceptions.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but in a society that seems to worship celebrity, I think it's better if they just keep it to themselves. Way too much influence for the amount of thought (little to none) happening behind the words.

Here is a perfect example:  Dennis Rodman

Then there's this little gem from our idiot secretary of defense.
Of course as Borepatch points out - we only have something to upgrade because Regan wouldn't let the lefties kill the system.

Sure Dennis - he's a great guy, a great leader - you moron. 

Now I don't think Kim is really stupid enough to launch on the U.S. (Japan maybe), but he might be crazy enough.  I suppose it depends on how steeped in his own propaganda he is.   Look at Obama, he's been steeping in his own propaganda and media worship for so long he seems to really believe he is the second coming, and it's only been 6 years (including the campaign)   So we shouldn't be too surprised if Kim, who was born with it, believes his own bullshit.

What I really want to know is who's profiting from this little upgrade.

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