Saturday, July 13, 2013

I love irony

There are some people that are just irony incarnate.

From the Obamasiah we have THIS  - thanks Heroditis I needed that laugh.

From the Feminists -  I'll just let JB tell it

From the Racists at the DOJ we have THIS: which essentially is using our taxpayer dollars to support a Black lynch-mob looking to subvert the rule of law.   - yes The Justis department sponsoring Lynch-mobs that's pretty ironic - even more ironic is that Zimmerman apparently a Racist and a Minority - which if you believe the MSM is about as likely as a Unicorn.  Unless it fits with their agenda of the moment - in which case he's Whitey, which makes him Inherently racist unless he's also a Radical Feminist and devout Democrat.

The total lack of critical thinking, self awareness and logic seems to be a defining trait of Politicians, Feminists, Educators, and the main stream media.

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