Thursday, July 11, 2013

Prepair to repel rioters

The Zimmerman case is coming to a close and the New Black Panthers have already put a bounty on his head.   There are plans to strike against random White neighborhoods.  Yep we're talking about contract killing and inciting to riot and no arrests - because BLACK.  Arrests for Hate Speech?  Nope - because BLACK.   

I've said before - I think Zimmerman was an idiot - he should never have followed anyone.   I'm not on the Jury so my opinion of his guilt or innocence is moot.  But being an idiot is not a crime, beating the crap out of someone is a crime, shooting someone who is beating the crap out of  you may or may not be a crime.  

Personally - I'd go with not guilty as I don't think it meets the requirements for manslaughter - it does either meet the requirements for self defense under stand your ground.  Or, at least there is reasonable doubt - in my mind anyway.

But then, this hasn't been about his guilt or innocence, since the media got involved - it's been about RACE.   When the DOJ is spending tax payers money for rallies to encourage conviction it's about RACE - because that asshat in charge of the DOJ is a Racist.

So if he gets acquitted - which may happen, I fully expect to see riots in every major city with a significant black population. So, get ready.  Hopefully I'm wrong - but I don't think so. 

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