Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The First Amendment doesn't protect your jokes

Apparently if you say something on the internet and add, jk or lol at the end of it, our Governments and apparently our courts which now seem to be owned by the Governments will still treat it as terrorism.

To prove the point - there are two teens sitting in prison right now for making joking threats on the internet.   So, no more jokes people.  We have to take EVERYTHING absolute seriously. Zero Tollerance.  I'm guessing print comes next, then radio, finally they'll get around to TV - even the ubiquitous laugh track won't save you from a charge of Making terrorist threats.  - Be really careful which parts you accept, go help you if you play a Bad guy in next summers blockbuster - you might find your self going to prison for it.

Which begs the question - when do we ban Standup comedy, and sitcoms which just loaded with Hate speech "I Hate you!" "I Hate my ex-wife".

What the hell is wrong in Texas (and they're not alone in making STUPID arrests). When we can't count on the courts to inject a little sanity into the process anymore, I think we're screwed.    We're like a bunch of lemmings walking off the cliff.

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