Sunday, August 4, 2013

Racist is a dead word, Science is a dying one.

The meaning of racist has been so mutilated that it has no use anymore. 

Here's a case in point: 

Guns are for white people

As so eloquently pointed out in the comments by Mark R.   it's a matter of demographics.   Advertising is ALWAYS aimed at a target market - because it works.   

In a recent conversation someone told me - "Of course I voted for Obama, I'm not a racist!" 

Well, yeah you are - If we were in fact to be completely non-racist, race would never be considered in anything.   You wouldn't go out looking to fill a certain number of RACE slots for jobs, or advertizing or politicians or anything else - because it just doesn't matter.    But apparently it does matter, it matters to the people who like to label others as racist, it matters to those who want benefits from being non-white, in this country anyway.    So who's more of a racist, someone who votes for a politician based on job history, and their best guess as to what the politician actually will do when they're in office, or someone who votes for them because they're the right race?

Apparently I'm a racist because I believe in FACTS. - It's getting harder and harder to believe in facts, because they're being so adulterated with agenda.   I look at numbers and I have to look for a long time before I can decide that the numbers aren't just a bunch of lies.   Science used to be relatively pure, in that people didn't just make stuff up to fit their agenda, or to get famous.   They actually presented data secure in the knowledge that others would perform the same tests and get the same results.    Take Global warming, or I guess it's climate change now, since the "proof" keeps getting shot to pieces.   I see evidence of warming, it's hard to miss because so many people want me to see it.  I occasionally hear of evidence of the contrary but it's rare, I suspect it's rare because it goes against the AGENDA.  

Here's a fun bit (H/T to the Captain, Maggie's Farm, and Reason) from an article by Roland Bailey at Reason

In 1846, botanist John Hooker from the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew visited and decided to try transplanting a wide variety of plants onto the island. A century and a half later, the result has been an “accidental rainforest.” White Mountain, now renamed Green Mountain, is covered with an extensive cloud forest consisting of guava, banana, wild ginger, bamboo, the Chinese glory bower and Madagascan periwinkle, Norfolk Island pine, and eucalyptus from Australia. Because of the man-made micro-climate, what used to be a desert island now features several permanent streams.
 Ascension Island undercuts the conventional ecological wisdom that tropical rainforests are supposed to take millions of years to form. And what happened on Ascension has been happening all around the world, as people have moved thousands of species from their native habitats to new locales, increasing species richness. Wherever human beings have gone in the past two centuries, we have increased local and regional biodiversity.

See what I mean about agenda.  If you listen to the MSM, and Environmentalist propaganda, you'd be sure to believe that EVERY time we do something, we screw up mother nature.   Sure we do our fair share, but what they seem to forget is the human race is also part of nature and we're just doing what we do, just like beavers making dams that ruin wetlands, or flood endangered species - but since they're not humans, it's OK.   Yeah we have the ability to know what some (perhaps quite a few) of the consequences of our actions will be, before we take action, but we're hardly omnipotent and doing nothing is not in our nature - that's a FACT.    Biology is a fact, one that feminists seem to be unable to deal with, so they call it a lie.  It's true for every living creature on the planet except humans apparently - wow is that ever egotistical.   Science is abused to show what they want to believe and ignored or ridiculed when it shows something else.  

Science is dying because it's inconvenient for the agenda's of various "popular" people.    It's not dead and hopefully we can recover from what the MSM and academia, eco-nuts, and feminists have done to it.

Racism as it's used now I think we're just stuck with.   If your not a racist - your a racist.

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