Sunday, July 27, 2014


There was a period in WA history that we talked about the Californification of Washington.  You don't here much about that anymore - I think we've been overrun.  I'm starting to wonder if there are more native Californians here than native Washingtonians.

Reading the news - Okay, I don't read the news I read select websites - one of which is Lawrence Person's Battleswarm.  He often talks about how many businesses are moving from CA to Texas.  He talks about this in terms of how bad CA is for business (which it is) and how much better TX is - which it is.   Sadly - I think they're gonna regret the Californification of Texas - Just look at Austin.

It does tend to show the rather hypocritical nature of libprogs,  they've screwed up CA now they're moving to Texas - a state, who say five years ago would have been considered a Conservative gun toting Hell on Earth.   Apparently Gun Toting Conservative is better than Ruined LibProg - even in a LibProg's mind.

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