Thursday, July 31, 2014

Science is DEAD, long live Politics

The trend continues, any scientist who disagrees with the political agenda get's silenced.  Borepatch has some info on one of the more recent assaults on science.   If you sometimes wonder about Climate Science - just keep following the links on his site.   You will rapidly come to the conclusion that there is something going on - but it's NOT SCIENCE.

From Joanne Nova -

Want some more - go check out You Tube.  First look at the TED channel, there are some very interesting talks - there's also a LOT of social engineering going on - no big surprise, most of them are believers in the Leftist Agenda.

 Now search for Banned from TED talks.   Yeah there's quite a few of them, if you listen to them you'll find that they mostly talk about things that are counter to the Leftist Agenda.

One I can't quite figure out is this one - Look at my previous post - it's basically a Rich Guy saying we need to Tax Rich Guys.  Well that fits with the Leftist agenda - except that they KNOW they're not going to do it, because THEY don't pay taxes.

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