Monday, July 28, 2014

LibProg doing that Cannibal Thing

For some reason - I suspect it's the total lack of ability to process logic, accept facts, and the absolute assumption of moral superiority - the LibProgs just love to turn on each other and eat their own.

Trans-gender is a big LibProg issue, must respect the rights of Trans-genders, must Celebrate Trans-genders - hell why aren't YOU a trans-gender, you hater.

Unless apparently you're a  radFem (or Feminazi) which I think is probably the better term.

So this article brings up some of the conflict between radFem and TransGen.

Nope can't have those whiney TransGen assholes trying to muscle in on our Misandry - no, it's ours we Earned It.  

So apparently if you trans from Fem to Patriarchy you're a traitor, and if you Trans from Patriarchy to Fem, you just an upstart late comer bitch muscling in on their Victimhood.

Oh so very logical.

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